16 Jan 2019 | Reading and Walking

14. Lawrence Shapiro, Embodied Cognition

After not learning much about embodiment or embodied knowledge from the last book I read, I decided to go outside of my list in order to try to find something more helpful. When I looked at the library’s database, I didn’t find a whole lot about embodied knowledge; however, I did discover that a lot […]

15 Jan 2019 | 33 Temple

City View Bus Photographic Journey

An air-conditioned minibus runs from Phu My Hung in District 7 to the Lucky Plaza on Dong Khoi in District 1 and is my regular way to travel into the centre of Saigon.I thought I would like to record the journey as the bus travels from District 7 to th...

14 Jan 2019 | Richard White

Enchantment and re-enchantment

to start the year lets begin here with a different map  asked what does re-enchantment mean to me…and it turns to a rant I challenge the notion of re-enchantment!   To me re-enchantment speaks of an anthropocentric ecology reflecting modern … Continue reading →

14 Jan 2019 | Reading and Walking

12. Craig Fortier, Unsettling the Commons: Social Movements Within, Against, and Beyond Settler Colonialism

When I read Ernesto Laclau and Chantal Mouffe on hegemony, I was wondering how a hegemonic formation that respected First Nations sovereignty might be created in Canada. But according to Craig Fortier, an assistant professor of social development studies at Renison University College in Waterloo and the author of Unsettling the Commons: Social Movements Within, […]

13 Jan 2019 | Radical Stroud

The Kings and Kingdoms

The hollow roll of dates chronicling the tired litany of monarchs. Their dusty bones never sleeping gasping their phantom moans to every generation: To keep on fighting for the kingdom. To never forget king and kingdom comes first. You are its...

13 Jan 2019 | Radical Stroud

WEA Radical History Course

I am delighted to say that I shall be running a short course of four sessions in February and early March on Radical History. The course will be held in Stroud. Full details on this link: https://enrolonline.wea.org.uk/online/2018/courseinfo.aspx?r=...

12 Jan 2019 | exercises in being here


how long?it might have been three years or three weekstime didn’t matter that muchbut at the end of them she made a decisionshe crafted it out of woodwith a knife she once bought from a red haired female blacksmithit looked like a tablesmall enough to ...

12 Jan 2019 | The Tour of All Tours

The Spontaneous Combustion Tour

Spontaneous Combustion was conceived as a site-tour of Nanjing to prepare for a performance festival next year. In true Last Minute Live Art style, it turned into something else.When we assembled at the famous Gulou roundabout we were asked t...

11 Jan 2019 | exercises in being here

Art and nature

I don’t know why I hadn’t seen it before. Or maybe I had but I had failed to recognise it. My first thought was that is was new, although I couldn’t imagine it was. And the bronze placque in the street told me it had been here even before I visited the...

08 Jan 2019 | Reading and Walking

10. Robert Coles, Doing Documentary Work

I’ve had Robert Coles’s Doing Documentary Work on my bookshelf for quite some time. I bought it because of the title, but I’d never made time to read it. I was curious, though, about why Coles, a child psychiatrist, became the James Agee Professor of Social Ethics at Harvard University, how he helped to establish […]

07 Jan 2019 | StoryWeaving

Well Being and Eco Tourism in Devon

A week long immersive course with international trainer and storyteller Steph Bradley. Dates: Wednesday 31st July – Tuesday 6th August 2019 Venue: Bala Brook Retreat Centre, https://www.balabrook.org.uk , Dartmoor National Park, Devon, UK. Accommodation: A range of single and twin rooms, some en-suite, situated in an idyllic setting of gardens bordering open moorland. Meals: All […]

06 Jan 2019 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2019-01-06 07:41:52

Three hours before low tide… (Low Tide) Three hours before high tide. This last year could easily have been a slog. A long haul of walking lonely as a cloud. Instead it was a ‘simultaneity of stories-so-far’. A year of walking with friends and family, strangers, colleagues, artists and collaborators. Old-friends at a distance when we […]