22 Apr 2019 | News

Tee shirts for Walk2Work Day 2019 stride out stars

National Walk 2 Work Day took place on the 13th of March, and it was a gloriously bright day, perfect for walking. It is not possible to thank you enough for supporting it in social media and in real life. We have seen all your photos with the event's ...

17 Apr 2019 | 33 Temple

Contemporary Performance Almanac 2018

The Contemporary Performance Almanac is an annual overview of Contemporary Performance created within the previous 3 years and the 2018 edition was the 5th volume of the almanac since it was initiated in 2013.For the 2018 edition I submitted details of...

14 Apr 2019 | rdb notes

A covert trip

The Frau went to Belfast with a sister only marginally less beautiful than herself, leaving open an opportunity. Having been plagued with foot/leg pains for too long, and having learned to live with it most days, I wanted to know whether a long walk wo...

11 Apr 2019 | THE LRM


Hi everyone Aprils derive is today, 11th April, meeting 6pm at the Fairfield St entrance to Piccadilly Station. Apologies for the late notice, as explained I cant always access this site. To keep up to date please check @thelrm or facebook the loitere...

11 Apr 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-04-11 09:29:00

Some snippets ( with photos) ' Cabinet 'at Espacio Gallery Curated by Jenny TimmerThis has been a really interesting exhibition to take part in, with thanks to all the lovely artists involved and, in particular to Jenny Timmer who has selected the...

05 Apr 2019 | Reading and Walking

33. Katherena Vermette, North End Love Songs

I’m not totally convinced that I’m the best person to write about Governor General’s Award-winning poet and novelist Katherena Vermette’s book North End Love Songs, since I’ve never spent much time in Winnipeg and I’ve never made the trip up Main Street to Winnipeg’s North End, the place explored in these poems. And I always […]

05 Apr 2019 | Reading and Walking

32. Eudora Welty, “A Worn Path”

I used to teach Eudora Welty’s story, “A Worn Path,” and I still love it anyway. The story’s main character, Phoenix, is “an old Negro woman” (142) walking from her home somewhere “away back off the Old Natchez Trace” (147) into the town of Natchez, Mississippi. The narrator tells us that Phoenix was very old […]

05 Apr 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Are you a coach that works while walking? (And what about the weather?)

Have you tried coaching while walking? ‘Invigorating’, ‘Inspiring’, ‘Great for shifting perspective and getting unstuck!’ These are some of the reflections on coaching walking made by a crowd of AoEC coaching graduates who joined me last week to walk and talk while connecting with each other and London. Remarkably, after a spate of cold, rainy, … Are you a coach that works while walking? (And what about the weather?)Read More »

04 Apr 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-04-04 08:06:00

"Sumak Kawsay" a limited edition book of poems.     by Thread and WordA Thread and Word publication, usingriso printing (an eco -friendly method for printing using soya based inks and recycled paper which works in a similar method to screen p...