06 Dec 2013 | psychogeography – thinkwhere

Markov Chains, Twitter and Radical Texts

The next few posts will cover some pet projects that I did whilst not being able to work due to recent civic duty.  They cover things from the role of familiar strangers on the internet and anti-social networks, through to meteorological hacks, funny memes to twitter bots. The first in this series is about what happens when you […]

23 Nov 2013 | Walking and Art

Hop, Skip, Jump by Elspeth Owen

Here is a very simple idea for a walk suggested by Elspeth Owen I am thinking of it as a way to extend friendships and ways of being companionable while walking. I am imagining the numbers one, two and three to be on our minds as we wander.  Hop, Skip, Jump    I walk to […]

03 Nov 2013 | a soft armour

A new suit

I never thought I would ever wear a jogging suit in public. Emilia's suit. Three pieces again, sweatshirt, trousers and a t-shirt in a matching colour. I left Amsterdam in the middle of August in a three piece walking suit. I wore it every day while...

16 Oct 2013 | a soft armour


I walked for 40 days and I arrived in the Nomadic Village. There I opened a Memory Shop. It was located in one of the best locations in town, the central square Uptown. It was close to where I lived. From my shop I could see the biggest part of the...

28 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 40. Walking with my mother & father

The end and the beginning. I had feared this day. But only in the last couple of days, because for a long time there had been no end and no beginning apart from the beginning and the ending of the day.I had been enclosed in the day, lived the day like ...

28 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 39. Walking with Anton Tellegen

Last breakfast with a mountainFirst stop in Châteauneuf-le-Rouge where there is a line in front of a shop on the village square. I approach and see a shop window with the most amazing cakes and pastries. Yesterday was my birthday. I didn't eat any b...

26 Sep 2013 | Walking and Art

Conference: The Art of Walking

The Art of Walking: Pedestrian Mobility in Literature, Philosophy, and the Arts from the Eighteenth to the Twenty-First Century. École Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France9 -11 October 2013 contact email:  [email protected] / [email protected] October 9 Plenary session 1 Ian Marshall, Pennsylvania State University. Border Crossings: Walking the Haiku Path on the International Appalachian Trail. Parallel […]

25 Sep 2013 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Alex Kelly on 19 September 2013

Berwickshire Coastal Path Border Walk I am walking with Alex Kelly. Alex was born in Walsall, lives in Sheffield, and works in Sheffield and Leeds (as well as travelling a lot with the theatre company, Third Angel). His mum was born in Drumchapel, lived in Dundee, then Dublin and for many years in Walsall, but […]

25 Sep 2013 | Everyone's Blog Posts - Making Routes

São Paulo, June 2013

  After a particularly uncomfortable and severely delayed two-day journey from Charleston to São Paulo, we slump down with a beer in a hotel bar and attempt to wind down. This is the reality of touring theatre – far from home, exhausted and disoriented, desperate for a drink. We have…

22 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 38. Walking with Monique Besten

I celebrate today in the company of a mountain. We changed colours this morning. I felt softer. He looked tougher than he did yesterday. He didn't move, so I stayed too. I came closer even. And thought about leaving by staying, moving by only closing y...

21 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 37. Walking with Dix for Teun

I don't plan ahead. I wake up. I look at the map. I walk. I arrive somewhere. I never really know where.Today I circled a mountain. Throughout the day I saw all sides of the mountain. I saw it in different lights. From different perspectives. With diff...

21 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 36. Walking with Mimi Allin

She asked me to walk with the moon and I chose a full moon day. In fact the moon was full in the morning and I already practised yesterday night, sitting outside, sipping my wine, being seduced by the moonlight. I can never resist a full moon, I have t...

21 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 34. Walking with Dee Heddon

Two people walked with me. They were both real. But one was really present and the other one wasn't.I hadn't seen Simon for more than two months. We met in Sweden, exploring the pioneer life and both trying to find out how we could simplify our way of ...

21 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 33. Walking with Alison Bell and Solla

I left Luc early, it was freezing cold. I sacrificed a pair of socks. I cut two small holes. Now I had mittens.The blackberries were back and I ate them, I hadn't seen them for days which was good because I was getting afraid my blood would turn into b...

21 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 32. Walking with Gert Boer

Today should have been the 58th birthday of Diny, whose favorite walking boots were flipflops. She died two years ago. I don't know her but a friend of hers, who is a walker and a runner, asked me to walk with him. He wrote me about Diny and her flipfl...

15 Sep 2013 | a soft armour

Day 30. Walking with Fee Plumley

I almost ruined it in the end. It was 7 o' clock, Friday the 13th. Fee Plumley had asked me to notice the things that went right today. It had been a sunny day but it was getting cold and dark clouds were coming in. The farmers were still working like ...