18 Jul 2013 | walking in circles

being in the world

Before I left I washed my feet. They became a little less dirty. Clean enough for the pair of socks I washed the other day. Too dirty still to sit in the train with bare feet. It will take a while before they are really clean again.I wanted to le...

18 Jul 2013 | walking in circles


feet that won’t get cleanblue stains i can’t remember the source ofa heart shaped scar from the hot metal stove doora silence in my head that holds foot even when i walk through busy amsterdam streetssmall scars from hundreds of musquito & mi...

15 Jul 2013 | walking in circles

another day

fetching water from the well making a woodfire in the stoveboiling waterdried raspberry leave and orange peel teapicking blueberries for breakfastthe date on the yoghurt has long passedbut it is still tastysomebody bakes pancakes fr...

09 Jul 2013 | walking in circles

Winter in summer

Being out of time is a tricky thing. You know there is another world in which the clock is ticking, but it is as if it is a book you can close, a story in which the main character resembles you, a different you, the you in the mirror...

07 Jul 2013 | walking in circles


people leave, people arrivetoday it was jim, a street performer from londonwho has been in this trade for 35 years and doesn’t want to do anything elsewe had a nice diner earlier onafter our rain showerrice-spruce bark-onion-egg pancakes , improvised bread, and a dumpsterdive yoghurt- leftover crumble-roasted oats-freshly picked blueberry-desertwhen it got darkish – it doesn’t ever get really darkjim played his guitar and mondharmonica, he sangand it made me feel sadder than ever but it wa...

06 Jul 2013 | walking in circles


We learned a lesson the other night. Even just tasting a small bit of mushroom can make you very sick. A valuable lesson, one we can laugh about now, one we even laughed about in the middle of cleaning the vomit on the stairs and mak...

05 Jul 2013 | walking in circles

The sad story of the lizard and the salamander

There is a well in the back of the garden. When we want to cook, wash, make tea, drink water, we get water from the well. Since a few days there has been a salamander on the bottom of the well. He sits there and stares at you. Halfway down the well, dry on the big stones, is a lizard.I was surprised to see a lizard there. Don’t they like warm places? I wondered if the lizard had fallen in love with the salamander, an impossible love.I didn’t think about them for the last two days. Whenever I col...

04 Jul 2013 | walking in circles


The musquito bites are slowly driving me crazy. I tried to count them but I gave up. My arms resemble the surface of the moon seen from a distance. I can’t sleep at night. I try to write but the only words in the back of my mind are “don’t scratch, don’t scratch”.I scratch. I scratch and try not to think about it. I scratch and hate myself for it. I scratch and try not to think about the scars. I scratch and think about the Captain. Something drove him crazy in this house. Not ...

03 Jul 2013 | Walking and Art

Colloquim: Performing Landscapes and Identities

All events are located at Stratford Circus and are free of charge. Coffee and tea will be served thirty minutes prior to start time. Please RSVP. Stratford Circus, Theatre Square, Stratford, London E151BX19 July 2013, 1:00 pm – 5:00 pm Performing Landscapes and Identities – the colloquium will consider walking as interrogative, investigative, performative and […]