26 Apr 2014 | daily rounds

daily rounds 2014-04-26 14:39:00

TRAVELLING LIGHTASHLYN WOODS24 hours between noon saturday and noon sunday 7/8 juneImagine yourself tramping the land. You have a bivvy bag and it is getting dark. You must seek out a sleeping spot and make sufficient shelter for the night with what yo...

20 Apr 2014 | Walking and Art

Walk with the artist 2014 – Bergamo

Walk with the artist is a program of authors’ itineraries that combines the idea of tour, walk, open air workshop, and urban intervention. The first (past) two editions of the project involved the city of Berlin and 9 international artists. The Cultural Association 22:37 continues the curatorship of the Walks by turning them into an […]

09 Apr 2014 | Everyone's Blog Posts - Making Routes

Theatre and the Nomadic Subject – A Mobile Train Conference 7-11th April Helsinki to Rovaniemi

Today David Overend and I presented a paper about our recent commuting project entitled "Rhythmic Routes: Developing a nomadic performance practice for the daily commute". It has been a really exciting few days so far. Here is the programme for the event: Monday 7 April – Helsinki 17.00- 20.00 Opening session at Lavaklubi (cellar bar of the Finnish National Theatre, Läntinen teatterikuja 1) Tuesday 8 April – Train Helsinki –…

09 Apr 2014 | Spaziergangswissenschaft

Jane’s Walk

    Das weltweit stattfindende Spaziergangs-Event bezieht sich mit seinem Namen auf die Städtebaukritikerin Jane Jacobs. Bekannt wurde sie 1958 durch ihren Artikel Downtown is for People in dem Fortune Magazine, insbesondere aber durch ihr we...