30 Jun 2014 | a soft armour

Day 83. We are everywhere

Knut called himself a nomad, Knut the Icebear people called him. He asked for a cigarette. He sat on the bench behind my pink borrowed bike. When I told him I didn't smoke he asked for money. I looked at his bike. It was stuffed with things, all hidden...

29 Jun 2014 | a soft armour

Day 82. Miracles never last long

There are days when you leave a campsite from hell with a big road running behind a wall 10 meters from your tent and a sunday gathering of christian choirs on the field on the left side, singing about Jesus since 8 in the morning (amplified) ready to ...

28 Jun 2014 | a soft armour

Day 81. A little girl

Some days seem to contain everything. I don't know if it has anything to do with my visit to the Mauthausen concentration camp yesterday. Yesterday there was nothing else. I only existed to witness. I took the images in, I didn't try to understand, the...

15 Jun 2014 | The Walking Library

Walking Library for Eigg Primary School 2014

In February 2014, the Walking Library visited the Isle of Eigg. A highlight of our trip was dropping in to Eigg Primary School, accompanied by a Walking Library sack of books. Every book carried was suggested by a member of the Walking Artists Network. The question the Walking Library asked them was: “What book about walking would […]

05 Jun 2014 | Spaziergangswissenschaft

Rote Köpfe im Establishment

Das Schweizer Radio SRF2 veröffentlichte ein Interview mit Markus Ritter, der sich um den Nachlass von Annemarie und Lucius Burckhardt kümmert und mit beiden lange Jahre zusammenarbeitete. Zu Hören sind hierbei auch einige Ausschnitte aus einem erhalte...

03 Jun 2014 | Spaziergangswissenschaft

Unterwegs mit Erkenntnisgewinn

Das Deutsche Architektenblatt veröffentlichte in der Ausgabe zum Schwerpunkt Bewegung (DAB 06/14) ein Interview von Cornelia Dörries mit Bertram Weisshaar zur Spaziergangswissenschaft: „Die Promenadologie, zu Deutsch: Spaziergangswissenschaft, gehört z...