28 Jul 2014 | not another psychogeography blog

The monkey magic walk

Many moons ago there existed a broadly psychogeographical group called the bored in the city collective. They were a group of radical academics, artists and activists from Manchester, Stockport and Huddersfield. They used to do lots of random things like burying time capsules, lunar water walks and undertaking political studies of gentrification of towns and […]

28 Jul 2014 | not another psychogeography blog

Language, power and politics

Poetry is a knife that cuts language up Language uses rules which poetry breaks Language is a stake We use language and language uses us Language is a power A power to use and a power to abuse Who has the ‘right’ to use language? Whose language has more status? Politicians love language They know […]

28 Jul 2014 | daily rounds


ON the OFF-CHANCE is a year-long project, taking place at home and away from 10 August 2014 until the Blue Moon on 31 July 2015. Essentially it involves using the doorstep and the letter box as points of contact and meeting. If you would like to join i...

26 Jul 2014 | a soft armour


New questions arise. What is a village? Are we really nomads? And does it matter? Are we in need of new words to describe what we are doing? What is it that we are doing? And who are we?On the road, walking 1364 kilometers in 96 days to get here, peopl...

14 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 96. Home

I arrived early in the morning. I sat down in the middle of the field. I heard somebody cough, birds flew by, a door opened and a cat jumped out of a bus, a kid mumbling in a caravan. Slowly the village was waking up.Home.

11 Jul 2014 | 40 Walks Blog

Walking with Graeme Miller on 19 June 2014

  Greenhithe to Swanscombe Peninsula I am walking with Graeme Miller, who walked into my life some years ago with such a vibrant intelligence that I was determined to keep him in it. Sending a 40 Walks invitation in 2009 and holding him to delivering on it proved to be a successful strategy. I haven’t […]

11 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 94 (2). Letting go

It feels like an anti-climax. Having almost reached the end of my walk and being stuck at a campsite because it is raining, sitting unadventurously inside the campsite restaurant drinking coffee and Grüner Veltliner. Yesterday evening, in the toilet bu...

11 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 94. A phone call

Lying in my coffin shaped tent, impossible to leave because of the rain. Thinking about On Kawara who died yesterday, reading Stig Dagerman's beautiful and haunting text "Our need of consolation is impossible to satisfy". Staying or leaving. Staying as...

09 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 92. The fox

Enzianhütte. 1107 meters. I sit still all day and look outside, waiting for the Snow Mountain to show its peak. But it won't all day. To the left I can see Hohe Wand, High Wall. If I close my eyes I am there already.In the evening the fox returns. He s...

08 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 91. Going up.

It wasn't until the last two kilometers that I started to think about leaving C. behind. The first time the thought crossed my mind was when the path was overtaken by a cloud. I had seen the sunny sky turning into a cloudy grey mass getting darker and ...

07 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 90. Sidestep

This is a strange sidestep from my slow journey. Today I have a deadline. I have to send in a proposal for a residency I would love to be part of. It is called Performance as Process and that is exactly what I am doing right now. But because that is ex...

06 Jul 2014 | not another psychogeography blog

Tour de France – Holme Moss

The Tour de France got me thinking about the idea of professional cyclists trying to get from a to b as quickly as possibly in order to be the fastest cyclist. It’s not really a ‘psychogeographical’ endeavour but there are numerous ways that it could be…both for the cyclists and the spectators… In line with […]

06 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 89. Saying goodbye to a river

I left Melk and Knut the Icebear. He was working today. Which ment asking people for money. He would work hardest around seven when he was hoping to win this week's Lotto jackpot. "I will look for you if I won a million," he said, "I'll send the police...

05 Jul 2014 | a soft armour

Day 88. A leaf.

Melk. I've seen the big monastery many times, but only from a far distance. I camp at the foot of the hill it is built on. It is enormous. I won't go in. It is expensive. I don't pay to visit religious buildings. Ever.My neighbours at the campsite are ...