16 Aug 2014 | a soft armour

A soft armour

It is the simplest thing I can think of. And the simplest things always make the most sense. It is easy. You open your door, you close it behind you. You take your house with you and you walk. Your body moves through the world, becomes part of the worl...

16 Aug 2014 | IMPRINTABLE

George Hart (Long Beach, California)

George Hart is a Professor in the Department of English at California State University, Long Beach. We sat on George’s deck with drinks and a Zoom H2 digital recorder, but I made the rookie mistake that I lecture my students not to make: I armed the recorder but did not activate the record button a […]

11 Aug 2014 | Walking and Art

On Walking by Phil Smith

The post brings two new books on walking, from the UK. On the cover, photographs of lush vegetation bring back pleasant memories from rural and urban walks across green-grassed, greyed-sky Britain. The first book On Walking, opens with a long subtitle. The author – artist, writer, playwright, performer, academic, counter-tourist – owns up to “stalking […]

11 Aug 2014 | a soft armour

The Lost & Found Collection

I left Hohe Wand, put on my suit again, walked to Vienna to spend two weeks in the city before walking to the west of Austria to meet up with some Nomads at a project called Schmiede. I wondered if it would be a good idea to continue wearing the suit i...

05 Aug 2014 | a soft armour

Push play

I live in a villa these days. It suits my suit. I feel at home here. From my terrass I can see the yellow spots in the grass where only last week my neighbours were living, when I was still situated in downtown Nomadic Village, in a red bus named Lufka...