20 Mar 2015 | rdb notes

Art Deco in Abergavenny/Dead dogs

I was able to use Dirty Protest's Cardiff performance of my play Mae Ben wedi marw (tr. Ben is dead) as cover for a trip to Abergavenny to see their 24-carat branch of Burtons. These panoramic views are anomalous as the building is in fact apical. T...

20 Mar 2015 | candelariarayas

Corona Banderas Family

The Corona Banderas family searches for Patricia Barrera Corona, Simón Corona Banderas and Rigoberto Mejia. Detained and disappeared in 23/09/09 in an ambush by the Turicato Michoacán local police department.

16 Mar 2015 | rdb notes

Re-enacting the battle of Edgehill

Circumstance permitted me to attempt a one-man re-enactment of the battle of Edgehill (Warwickshire, 23rd October 1642) on March 13th. It remains very easy to capture a panoramic view of the battlefield. Full accounts of manoeuvres can be read in a hu...

13 Mar 2015 | The Weather Report


The whole world is shrouded in mist. Large evergreen trees drip heavy moisture from their branches and the evening chorus of birdsong sounds otherworldly in the deepening indigo evening. A violet haze hangs almost to the floor. Silhouettes appear fuzzy...

05 Mar 2015 | The Weather Report


Across the channel the deserted beaches of Flushing are bathed in gentle sunlight. The clouds form thick, heavy configurations, unmoving in the summer-blue sky. As I emerge from the grey stone corridor of Jacob’s Ladder, I cross into a new world,...

05 Mar 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Metaphors for the flaneur: ‘Botanizing’

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Understanding metaphors Metaphors have been used from an array of intellectual voices to describe the dynamic constellation of flaneur, city, walking and senses. Yet, before entering into such a constellation, I would like to describe what a metaphor really is. Metaphors are not just mere theoretical words. They describe practices and situations […]

04 Mar 2015 | The Weather Report


Despite the sunshine my hands are cold and there is a strong, chill, ever-present breeze. The water in the harbour is a deep azure blue, and along the protected stretch of Greenbank the sun beats gently down on my back, a slippery triangle of heat.