30 Jun 2015 | Everyone's Blog Posts - Making Routes

“Reimagined Journeys” Everyday Commuting Excursions SGSAH Showcase at Lighthouse

“Reimagined Journeys” Everyday Commuting Excursions was displayed at the Lighthouse in Glasgow as part of the Scottish Graduate School of Arts and Humanities Showcase on the 25th June 2015. I collaborated with a designer, Rachel O’Neill, to create postcards which encourage others to reimagine their everyday journeys. These postcards were distributed to commuters on the Argyll Ferry between Dunoon and Gourock which is one of the stages of my journey to work. I wanted to…

22 Jun 2015 | IMPRINTABLE

Jeffrey Roden (Glendale, California)

Jeffrey Roden is a composer who lives with his wife, Shelley, and their dog, Hazel, in a remarkably serene neighborhood in Glendale, California. This conversation took place over email, July 2014 to June 2015. Bach: Your mailing address places you technically in Glendale, but your house is situated near the intersection of Glendale, Pasadena, and […]

19 Jun 2015 | not another psychogeography blog

Walking to Waterloo

I’ve been researching the battle of Waterloo, the Napoleonic Wars and also learning about wargaming for the past couple of months. So on the 18th June 2015 I decided to combine my interests with political history, wargaming and psychogeography by doing a dérive in the ‘other’ Waterloo in Huddersfield. The point of such a walk […]

16 Jun 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Urban metaphysics: Flaneur and genius loci

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Reflections on Genius Loci (Sense of Place) There are many times that we feel or perceive a place and its atmospheric qualities as distinctive – something that has referred as the genius loci of each place. Genius loci forms a term from Latin genius (guarding spirit) and loci (of place, of location) […]

09 Jun 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

Initial reflections on a ‘Metamodern’ Flaneur

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Tendencies: The Modern and the Postmodern Across cities, architecture, philosophy, arts, literature, politics, culture and economics; their approach has been part of wider theoretical frameworks – tendencies – what it is known as modernism and postmodernism. Modernism (19th-20th century) has been concerned with Reason, Science and the objective knowledge – the one […]

02 Jun 2015 | Hybrid Flaneur

On a philosophy of traffic lights

Text: Bill Psarras © 2015 Cities are being regulated by humans and non-humans, in ways able to facilitate various material and immaterial mobilities. One of such non-human regulators are the traffic lights which follow a global standard colour code: the green, the orange and the red. Traffic lights can be found at the intersections, crossroads and pavemenets […]