25 Jan 2016 | The Weather Report

25th January 2016

Skeletal trees line my immediate horizon, the night sky behind above around them a powdery chemicalised orange, nuclear fall-out. The wind blows through my hair, sends it cascading across the lower half of my face, silk twine on tongue. In this LED evening I have night camera vision and the breeze scrapes dry, rattling leaves […]

12 Jan 2016 | a soft armour

Setting sail

"There is another side of attention which is not that the world is waiting for us to attend to it but rather that we are waiting for the world. It means waiting on things. It means being prepared to push the boat out into a world where everything is...

11 Jan 2016 | rdb notes

Time – He’s waiting in the wings

The BBC write: The Vatican's chief spokesman on cultural matters, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, tweeted lyrics to Space Oddity in tribute to Bowie while Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said he was "very very saddened to hear of his death". Well how...

08 Jan 2016 | Landscapism

There’s joy in a simple place

Not that I need an excuse for a walk, but inspired by my current read - Rob Cowan's superb nature/landscape/memoir, Common Ground - and buoyed by the small victory of producing a first basic map in a new (to me) GIS package, I headed around m...

03 Jan 2016 | Walking – Vanessa Grasse


I started this research during my MA final project. I am now revisiting this walking and drawing practice with artist Phill Harding. We listen, we observe, we draw, we walk, we talk. We practice attentiveness and focus on perception through... Continue Reading →