27 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Dunnville to Port Maitland: The End of the Road, but Not the Journey

I didn’t think I was going to get any breakfast this morning. Nothing in Dunnville seemed to be open early on a Sunday. I detoured through the centre of town, hoping to find something. And I did: a diner, serving the usual diner breakfast (bacon and eggs, toast, coffee). Quite a surprise.  Already the air … Continue reading Dunnville to Port Maitland: The End of the Road, but Not the Journey

25 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Cayuga to Dunnville: A Walk Up River Road

For most of today’s 29 kilometres, I was on one road: River Road. It’s a quiet road on the south side of the Grand that winds along parallel to the river, through wood lots and beside fields of corn and winter wheat and strawberries. By quiet, I mean there’s little traffic, not that there’s nothing … Continue reading Cayuga to Dunnville: A Walk Up River Road

24 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Dinner in Cayuga: Joy and Gratitude

When I talked to the faith keeper at Six Nations back in December, she told me to pray for gratitude and to look for joy in this walk. I’ve tried to do both things. I’ve experienced many moments of joy: seeing a cardinal in the trees, drinking cold water on a hot day, catching the … Continue reading Dinner in Cayuga: Joy and Gratitude

24 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Caledonia to Cayuga: A Walk Beside the River

Dr. Shauneen Pete, a professor in the Faculty of Education at the University of Regina, has been posting lists of things she’s grateful for on Facebook. She’s inspired me to write a list of things I’m thankful for on this walk through the Haldimand Tract. 1. The weather. I’ve had sunny days and only a little … Continue reading Caledonia to Cayuga: A Walk Beside the River

24 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Ohsweken to Caledonia: Journey to Kanonhstaton

I was worried about dogs today. You see, when I was at Six Nations back in December I saw a lot of dogs roaming free. I almost hit one that wandered out into the road in front of my car. But most of the dogs I saw today, or heard barking in the distance when … Continue reading Ohsweken to Caledonia: Journey to Kanonhstaton

23 Jun 2016 | Landscapism

Llanthony Priory – landscape perception survey

As part of my PhD research I am carrying out a survey into present day perceptions of the impact of Llanthony Priory on the surrounding historic landscape of the Vale of Ewyas/ Llanthony Valley in the Black Mountains. If you know the area and would be willing to partipate in the survey then you can complete it on line below. Create your own user feedback survey Further information on my PhD research can be found here.

22 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Ohsweken: A Day of Rest

Today was my second day off this week. I’d tried to set up meetings with different people here at Six Nations, but they all fell through (although there’s a plan to meet with elders who know about the history of the Haldimand Tract in Brantford when my walk is finished). I didn’t mind, though, because … Continue reading Ohsweken: A Day of Rest

22 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Brantford to Ohsweken: The Longest Walk

When I was walking yesterday, I decided to structure this blog post differently than the rest. I was still thinking about what I’d experienced the day before, during my tour of the Mohawk Institute building in Brantford: how walking through that building made me feel, what it made me think about. And how it convinced … Continue reading Brantford to Ohsweken: The Longest Walk

20 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Brantford: Touring the Mohawk Institute

I didn’t walk today. I’m happy about that, because it was incredibly hot. I’m back on the road tomorrow, though, and I’m hoping that the weather forecast promising cooler temperatures is correct. In any case, by this time tomorrow night I’ll be at Six Nations. Tomorrow is, of course, National Aboriginal Day (I bet you didn’t think … Continue reading Brantford: Touring the Mohawk Institute

20 Jun 2016 | The Weather Report

Monday 20th June 2016

Spiderwebs glisten gossamer in the early evening sunlight, fine spun threads of luminosity. I can smell plant life in the air, fresh and green yet spiked with an earthiness. A bird squawks, car alarm pitch. I close my eyes and in a sudden rush of breeze the leaves of the trees rustle, transporting me to […]

19 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

Paris to Brantford: Fish and A Walk Through a Fiery Furnace

I woke up early again, hoping to beat the heat–an impossibility, of course. I knew it was going to be hot, but the temperature was incredible. It was hot by nine o’clock. By noon, it was like walking through a furnace. I would’ve had to walk through the night if I was going to beat … Continue reading Paris to Brantford: Fish and A Walk Through a Fiery Furnace

19 Jun 2016 | Muscle and Bone

What’s In the Pack?

My Facebook friend Charles Mandel wanted to know what I’m carrying on my pilgrimage through the Haldimand Tract–what’s in my pack. Pictured above is tonight’s pack explosion (because of course the thing I need is the thing that’s found its way to the bottom of the pack). It’s bigger than it looks in this photograph. … Continue reading What’s In the Pack?

15 Jun 2016 | open walk


Silent walk with Gary Hoover, May 13, 2016 When I started this project I anticipated that the walks would move more towards silence and observation instead of conversation, that anticipation has proven to be consistently misplaced.   Gary has a longstanding practice of silent/ meditative walking and I also gravitate towards solitary silent walks.  That said, […]

15 Jun 2016 | rdb notes

Tempers snap in Ceredigion

Never known for their peace-making tendencies, Euro-friendly inhabitants of Ceredigion snapped into vigilante action yesterday. Outraged beyond measure by a morning wireless interview with Trevor Kavanagh, Editor [sic] of the Sun newspaper [sic] on th...