29 Jul 2016 | rdb notes

Conveyancing in the UK

I'm gonna buy a field and erect a wire fence and public seating around it. I'm gonna buy some lions. When the lions are really really hungry, I'm gonna feed them solicitors and estate agents. Book early to avoid disappointment.

27 Jul 2016 | Everyone's Blog Posts - Making Routes

The Sea, The Sea, The Sea

At the end of 2015 I interviewed residents of Dunoon and the surrounding areas asking them questions about their experiences of living by the sea, what “the sea” means to them and what part it plays in their life to create a short video called The Sea, The Sea, The Sea. The video includes contributions from pupils of Toward Primary School (which is situated right on the water, looking out to Bute), students at Dunoon Grammar School, a sea captain, a naval engineer, an artist, a&he...