31 Oct 2016 | walkinglandscapes.com

Will urbanizing Shenzhen be walkable in the future?

Walkable and multidimensional public space is key to sustainable urban villages, especially in the rapidly urbanising city of Shenzhen, China. In his talk at this year meeting of the alumni of “Zukunftsbrücke. Chinese-German young professional campus”, Shi Jian, curator and strategy director of ISREADING CULTURE Beijing, presented a fascinating analysis of urban growth in Shenzhen […]

30 Oct 2016 | Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage - Blog

The Plaqued and the Unplaqued

Two walks feature in an upcoming micro published book and exhibition in Bath. Find another Bath  44AD November 15 -20. The Plaqued and the unPlaqued was a wayfaring experience in the enchanted city discovering who got tagged in Bath's late Victorian plaquing frenzy. We shared knowledge and quizzed passers by as to who these people were and what they did and why there were in Bath. We also exp [...]

28 Oct 2016 | jademontserratdotcom

Burial, the Brontes and Lost Children, a text and film performance at IBAR UCLan symposium Lost Children: The Black Atlantic and Northern Britain Friday 1st May 2015

Peat “Reproduction and death condition the immortal renewal of life: they condition the instant which is always new. That is why we can have a tragic view of the enchantment of life, but that is also why tragedy is the symbol of enchantment. The entire romantic movement may have heralded this, but that late masterpiece, […]

20 Oct 2016 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Taking leave of Longyearbyen Oct 19th

--> Finally I am in the air and taking leave of Longyearbyen. A lot of us are leaving on the same flight so there's been a lot of hugging and kissing and some tears. I don't really do the big goodbye stuff. So onto the plane... Passing through mist and cloud and up, I see the sun for the first time. It has been so low on the horizon for the past couple of weeks that only a glow from below the horizon reminds us of its presence. Now here it is, shining gold in a blue sky above a thick bank of ...

18 Oct 2016 | psychogeography – thinkwhere

4wcop Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography – Huddersfield. 2016

Intro The Fourth World Congress of Psychogeography (4wcop.org) happened a few weeks ago in September and was held at Heritage Quay at the University of Huddersfield. It was organised by Phil Wood (Urban Therapist http://philwood.eu), Alex Bridger (Huddersfield Psychogeography Network and Academic Psychologist the University), Dave Smith (Participation and Engagement Officer at Heritage Quay) and […]

15 Oct 2016 | Forced Walks

Honouring Esther: End of Project Exhibition

Richard White and Lorna Brunstein present documentation and new work from two walks hosted by the artists in Germany and England Frome to Bath 2015 on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belsen Ovelgonne to Belsen 2016 on the … Continue reading →

12 Oct 2016 | open walk

10/3/2016 with Jonathan O.

At the heart of this project are some foundational creative goals: taking the walks with others, be present, investigate how being present creatively changes public space, create artworks in/from the process of walking.  What we talk about and where we go is secondary to the choice to walk together.  Conversation, for the most part, stays […]

04 Oct 2016 | Landscapism

Tales of cartographic landscapes

Having spent most of the last month in my study/ spare room garret, I am now emerging for fresh air having completed the drafts of two PhD chapters on the subject of my first case study landscape: the Black Mountains manors of Llanthony Priory, collect...