30 Nov 2016 | Jack Lowe

Creating a Sense of Place in Video Games

What is a place?In the simplest possible terms, a place is a meaningful location. Places are spaces that humans perceive as meaningful because of their social and emotional associations. We form these attachments with spaces as they provide the setting...

30 Nov 2016 | Talking Walking

Tim Ingram-Smith talking walking

Andrew Stuck first met Tim Ingram-Smith back in 2015 when he came on a walkshop to reveal the lost neighbourhood of London’s Kings Cross, on which Andrew had collaborated with fellow Talking Walking interviewee, Tom Bolton.  Tim mentioned that he was about to embark on a 3 year expedition to discover parts of London he had never visited.  He talked […]

30 Nov 2016 | THE LRM

December 1st Sunday

First Sunday for December is Sunday 4th and we will be meeting outside The Crown and Kettle on Oldham Road at 2pm for a classic old school derive January 1st is first Sunday of 2017 but we will postpone a week so folk can get there All welcome and it...

24 Nov 2016 | jademontserratdotcom


“Abjection traces the silhouette of society on the unsteady edges of the self; it simultaneously imperils social order with the force of delirium and disintegration.”McClintock, Anne., Imperial Leather: Race, Gender, and Sexuality in the Colonial Contest Image: Manuel Vason In advance of the most recent performance of Communion at Steakhouse Live Festival: Longer Wetter Faster […]

08 Nov 2016 | Landscapism

In search of monastic granges

The sandstone of Tintern's abbey church: 'purple through mauve and buff to grey’ under a glowering November sky. Over the last couple of days I have been out and about in the exceptional Autumnal light, ranging across the Anglo-Welsh borderland of...

06 Nov 2016 | 33 Temple

International Drawing Dialogue 2016

Drawing Dialogue - Exhibition and ConferenceDalgaArt, Craiova, Romania 24th - 27th July 201618 artists contributed to this interesting project initiated and organised by Gabriela Boiangiu, creating 9 pairs of artists who responded to each others w...

05 Nov 2016 | THE LRM

First Sunday of November and THANKS

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who contributed to Loitering With Intent. Life and Big Bad Reality have stopped me from pausing to contemplate and say thus sooner but with a couple of weeks distance I can see what a truly wonderful unique exhibition/festival/shenanigan it was. It would not have been possible without the participation of so many wonderful wanderers, artists, mischief makers and everyday geniuses. My love and cheers to all, and hopes we can can loiter together again someday. Special thanks to Jo...