27 Feb 2017 | Jack Lowe

Passing Through

Once upon a grey weekend morningI found myself at a large stationCatching a train to a nearby village. As I ambled through the grand terminalImportant announcements filled the air.Excursions to Paris, London and BrusselsWhere towering structures d...

25 Feb 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-02-25 16:42:00

 #Thread and WordAn Artist Led Walk by Elspeth Penfold Sunday March 5th 2017 1.00p.m. - 3.00p.m. Meet: Threads Exhibition, Espacio Gallery 159 Bethnal Green Rd. E2 7DGFinish: Leadenhall Market“It (art) consists not in showing the in...

25 Feb 2017 | Richard White

Crying at the Bus Stop

Crying at the Bus Stop Test of provocation for opening session of Remora: Contextualising Creative research A symposium at Bath Spa University Thursday 23 Feb 2017 In a time of post truth, fake news and alternative facts its important to … Continue reading →

24 Feb 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Arctic Blog Sunday 9th October, Blomstrandhalvøya: flying frustrations

--> Sunday 9/10/2016 0°C, 5m/s. Blomstrandhalvøya 78°59,6 ́N 012°04.6 ́E.  Sunrise 09:37 – Sunset 17:49 satellite image of our locationThe light across the far mountains is beautiful when I go up on deck before breakfast, pale pink early morning sun glinting off the blue glacier that stretches to the horizon, a dusting of snow on the black mountains. Fresh cold clear air to breathe. The quietness is palpable. I love it first thing when there are few peo...

22 Feb 2017 | walk time place sound

Northumbrian Rants: Rant 3

Rant 3 is done (Sunday 29th January) with my friend Jeremy Grimshaw who is responsible for a lot of my Cagean input. Rant 3 Step 1 A long drive to the Tweed valley, sequential turns onto diminishing roads gets us … Continue reading →

21 Feb 2017 | Landscapism

Hatterall – Hill towards the sun

The Hatterall ridge looking north from its southern-most point at Trewyn 'hill fort'.The Hatterall, or versions of it, is a long-standing name used in times past for the eastern uplands of the Black Mountains, now used more particularly for the heights...

16 Feb 2017 | The Tour of All Tours

Three Year’s Tours in Review.

There is the rather wonderful looking 15th Urban Research Plaza's Forum taking place in Bangkok next month which I had hoped to attend but will be unable to make it to. In my stead there will be this short video outlining some of the creative tour outp...

13 Feb 2017 | walk time place sound

Northumbrian Rants: Rant 2

In general this (Friday 27th January) was a cold, still day.  On step 2 the temperature rose to 5C but the rest of the time it was 1C.  I still have the first recording of the day challenge of sorting … Continue reading →

11 Feb 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-02-11 17:59:00

Preparing for #Word and Thread - on March 5th-#Eliot#sculpture in the City#Espacio gallery#Walking with The Waste Land#Cecilia Vicuña#LiziSanchez,Cadenetas#Quipus#International Women's Day#Vivienne#Where's the Sense in It?Thoughts that developed as a r...

11 Feb 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Arctic Blog Saturday Oct 8th – drill and party night

Saturday 8/10/2016. Kongsijorden Bay 79°00'0.00" N 11°39'59.99" 3°C, 10m/sec; Sunrise 09:29 – Sunset 17:58    The sun is rising slowly above a blue/grey sea; daylight is noticeably later now than when we set off. Pink light reflects off the mountains, sedimentary layers lie horizontal, then swoop diagonally and fold together, forced upwards by some huge seismic activity which took place probably more than 410-440 million years ago      The wind ...

11 Feb 2017 | 33 Temple

Digital Print for exhibition

I had decided to participate in a mini-print exhibition after a brief gap, during which I had been developing a series of performance pieces, and began preliminary work on an image in several sketchbooks. As I worked, the image gradually increased in d...

09 Feb 2017 | Talking Walking

Lise Pape talking walking

Imagine inventing and developing a product that will improve the lives of thousands of people.  That would be an exciting and satisfying prospect. Imagine you develop two at the same time…..  Andrew Stuck was lucky enough to meet and record this interview with just a such a person.  Danish-born innovation design engineer and now med-tech […]

09 Feb 2017 | Everyone's Blog Posts - Making Routes

The Elephant in the Hedge

9 February 2017 I have been spending a lot of time on my own recently, taking a regular journey by air between my home in Glasgow and my workplace in Surrey. This hasn’t been entirely unpleasant. Suspended miles above the landscape, or responding to emails in the reassuring universality of airport lounges, it has been easy…

09 Feb 2017 | open walk

St. James with Sandy: Scratching the Surface

The Walk (one way) On a warmer the usual January day with fog still hanging in the air, Sandy and I took a short walk on First Avenue in St James, MN.   Walking served as a short physical break from the weighty thought processes with which we were involved.  Yet, despite the need to […]