31 Mar 2017 | Landscapism

Take the long road and walk it

Mapped above is the route of a week long walk I will be undertaking in June, linking up the estate landscapes and medieval route-ways of the three case studies of my PhD research: Llanthony Priory, Llantarnam Abbey and Tintern Abbey in the southern Wel...

30 Mar 2017 | THE LRM

April First Sunday

FIRST SUNDAY THIS SUNDAY so its time for our monthly communal derive. We'll start 2pm at the memorial tree in Piccadilly Gardens and, in a first for us, the wander is inspired by last months wander.   We will be guided by an improved playing card method as it was so interesting the first time but several tweaks were suggested and have been incorporated...evolution in action on the streets! Fingers crossed this glorious Spring surge remains. As ever anyone and everyone is welcome and it is free to lo...

29 Mar 2017 | exercises in being here

Jó világ van

  Somebody sent me this photo two days ago. A tattoo of a post-it, freshly inked. I recognised the text immediately. And the handwriting. I wrote this post-it almost 12 years ago. I actually wrote 40.000 post-it notes with the same text in one ...

29 Mar 2017 | exercises in being here

The sound of money

The bank across the street has three cash machines. There is one outside and two inside. Often there is a line outside while the two inside are free. It always makes me wonder.There is a man living inside. He is homeless. His mattress is there and a...

27 Mar 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Arctic Blog: Tuesday 11th Oct; 7 glaciers; nature mort et vivant

Tuesday 11.10.2016  Ny Ålesund 78°55.6´N, 011°56.4´2°C 12m/s wind changing SW - SE - NE, Sunrise 09:53 – Sunset 17:32  Early morning, sails set, we leave Ny Ålesund under cover of darkness and travel north, blown by southerly winds.Choppy pale green sea. Rain in the air, overcast skyGiven our northerly location it’s not particularly cold. This is the area from which Spizbergan (Svalbard) gets its name (Spitsbergen originated with Barentsz, who descr...

23 Mar 2017 | ossjay

IWD 2017: some women’s art

There have been lots of International Women’s Day events in March 2017  (the day itself is 8th March), and I usually get round a few.  A rotten cold for me and voiceless Mike as company meant we only made it … Continue reading →

22 Mar 2017 | The Tour of All Tours

Audio Tour Experiments

I recently wrote about tours whose contents are disconnected from or only loosely connected to their geography. I followed this observation up today with an experiment. The idea was, to make an audio tour that is based upon a text from one ti...

21 Mar 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-03-21 13:03:00

PrecarioA Walk in Edinburgh in JulyI am developing an artist led walk from the Dundas Gallery to the Royal Botanical Gardens in Edinburgh on the 9th of July which will coincide with the 'Threads' exhibition at the Dundas Gallery, which is curated by th...

21 Mar 2017 | Kompl

Faster, better, stronger; download for iOS

We’ve improved performance and completely redesigned the app, making functionalities more accessible and intuitive to use. Now available for iOS, in version 3 of Kompl we streamlined the interface, while also making it more edgy. All functionalities are now easier to access, while we delightfully squashed a bunch of bugs in the process. We’ve included aRead more about Faster, better, stronger; download for iOS[...]

17 Mar 2017 | Talking Walking

Julian Rickert talking walking

Australian, Julian Rickert is a founder member of internationally acclaimed theatre group ‘one step at a time like this’. He was a late starter in theatre, only going to drama college in his thirties, where he met future partner and co-producer Suzanne Kersten. ‘en route’ was a site responsive immersive theatre production first created in the […]

15 Mar 2017 | 33 Temple

Nam Tam Wan 2016 – Book Publication

Referring back to a previous post about the photographic project I am undertaking at Nam Tam Wan on Cheung Chau Island - Hong Kong, I have now finally arrived at a satisfactory format for the book of images I would like to publish.I do not intend to pr...

13 Mar 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-03-13 13:12:00

"Let's Talk about Vivienne"A walk , by the Walking with the Waste Land group at the Turner Contemporary.  Saturday March 11th.A Photo Diary, creating new encounters.Jill RockatTurner ContemporaryInvoking Vivienne, through the SybilEpigra...

09 Mar 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-03-09 14:58:00

Let's Talk about Vivienne.This walk includes a performance by Jill Rock, inspired by the Epigraph to the Wasteland, ‘Sybil”A small intervention by Elspeth Penfold at the Nayland Rock Shelter.’Menstrual Discord’. Referencing Cecilia Vicuña’s ‘Quipu...