21 Apr 2017 | Talking Walking

Sharon Thompson talking walking

Australian Sharon Thompson trained as a classical singer and contemporary vocalist, worked in a variety of musical contexts, in addition to performing and devising, she coaches solo artists for TV and Music Theatre and the music industry. Passionate about the natural environment, she’s been known to turn her musical skills to assisting with environmental campaigns. Sharon’s private […]

18 Apr 2017 | Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage - Blog

Cut Flowers…

image courtesy Beaumont GalleryLast few days for exhibit at Beaumont Galley featuring work produced for the Forced Walks:Honouring Esther exhibition. Paintings by Andrew Walworth responding to places and people devastated by war are juxtaposed with Lorna Brunstein's personal perspective on the inherited trauma of the Holocaust. Richard White's images and soundscapes using documentation and field footage from the Honouring Esther walking project contribute to  a thought-provoking and challen [...]

16 Apr 2017 | LudicrousPilgrim

LudiCo. Kent #2 Squadron

On Monday 13th of February 2017, Captain Ludicrous returned to the University of Kent to unleash his unique brand of ludicrousness on another hearty band of partially-suspecting postgraduate students. All were inducted into LudiCo and...

15 Apr 2017 | Forced Walks

Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers at the Beaumont Gallery, Mere currently features work from the Forced Walks: Honouring Esther collection. Cut Flowers runs until Sunday April 23. In addition to work from Lorna’s practice exploring inherited trauma, the exhibition includes the Honouring Esther … Continue reading →

13 Apr 2017 | Kompl

Kompl beta available for Android

What? You thought your cool Android phone would be left out? Never! Download Kompl for Android now. Kompl is now available for nearly 12000 Android devices. Yours is probably on the list. Now you can get lost and ‘play the city’ with Kompl on your lovely Android phone. Download Kompl and give us a try.Read more about Kompl beta available for Android[...]

12 Apr 2017 | rdb notes

PAU Canolfan Chwaraeon/Sports Centre

Three helpful people staff the reception desk. Me: Do the lockers take the new pound coin?Person 1: Yes.Person 2: I don't know.Person 3: The man from the company came and did something to all the locks a few weeks ago. So they might.

11 Apr 2017 | exercises in being here

Cold dreams

I love sitting on my balcony. Moving through the world without moving. Seeing the people pass by, a small part of their story unfolding under my feet. It is a beautiful sunny day in Barcelona, one of the warmest days this year so far. I look down an...