18 Jun 2017 | exercises in being here

To Be a Reader

I fell asleep around 11 last night with my doors wide open, the hot day had transformed into a cooler but still warm night. I slept sound. The city noise doesn’t bother me anymore when I am sleeping. My slow movements getting upright were copied by a s...

14 Jun 2017 | Richard White. Walking. Social Media. Heritage - Blog

Sweet Waters Walks

The first walk of the cycle, Bath's Last Legal Slaveowners, outside the residencies of Bath's Last Legal Slaveowners, those who hung on to the bitter end to claim their share of the £20 million payout. I performed the court judgment angry perhaps for my own white skinned and gendered euro centric collusion, perhaps for the way that They always get away with it. Bear witness at least we can all do that. My sense-ing began playful, turns angry and by the end as we taste sugar and I read Dabydeen [...]

13 Jun 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Arctic Air – an absolute difficult beauty

This work represents my initial responses to the experience of travelling in the High Arctic. It includes drawings, watercolour drawings, photographs and a film & sound piece of the sound of ancient air being released from glacial ice made in collaboration with my son Tom Poole-Kerr.These are on show at the RWA, Bristol until August 20th 2017. For those of you who can't make this here are some of images of the work - photographs, drawings and paintings - in the exhibition The work represents i...

13 Jun 2017 | LucyFurLeaps

Austerity by Lucy Furlong

Originally posted on I am not a silent poet: in each escape from the latest cut there is no trusty hat pulled out from a closing tomb or laser forcefield , avalanche, landslide each escape is a letting go of a dream, a job, a holiday, a meal, a home, an ambition, an expectation, a…

13 Jun 2017 | Reading and Walking

A Different Route to Rochdale Boulevard

More than a month goes by. It seems that every day something is going on that keeps me from going for a walk: errands, the garden, a sick cat who has to be taken to the vet–it’s always something. Finally, a free day. Well, not completely free. I have a few errands, but I can […]

13 Jun 2017 | rdb notes

Discreet history in Catalonia

During an extended stay in Catalonia in and around several sites heavily involved in the Civil War, we found memorials few and understated (although, to my eye, Catalonian sympathies were pretty clear). In the scale of things, that ghastly business is...

12 Jun 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-06-12 06:32:00

A  June walk - thinking about projective verse ,with The Garden Gate community project in Margate. The Walking with the Waste Land group in collaboration with members of the Garden Gate community in Margate have decided to embark on one ...

09 Jun 2017 | Kompl

Sponsor a city, any city

With the release of version 4 of Kompl, we’re opening up the inclusion of featured cities. You or your company can pick any city and sponsor it for inclusion. You like Kompl, but you don’t like that your favourite city is not included? Now, any and every city on the globe can be included. SponsorshipRead more about Sponsor a city, any city[...]

07 Jun 2017 | Kompl

We felt the need, the need for speed

Plenty of streamlining, some sweet beautification, and a snappy interface. Version 4 of Kompl has hit both the iOS and Android app stores. With this version, Kompl for Android has also moved out of beta. Champagne! We’ve slimmed down our feature set, putting more emphasis on collecting and hunting for venues, in order to upgradeRead more about We felt the need, the need for speed[...]