31 Jul 2017 | Jack Lowe

Life Update

It’s been quite a while since I last posted an update on what I’m doing professionally – not really since my post on Blast Theory back in December, where I volunteered after finishing my Masters degree. Since December, I’ve been in the process of ap...

30 Jul 2017 | 33 Temple

‘No holiday’ – Chi Ma Wan

During the development stage of the performance 'No holiday', I experimented with different formats and locations and originally I had singled out the Chi Ma Wan peninsula on the south side of Lantau Island in Hong Kong as being a good location. Howeve...

30 Jul 2017 | Reading and Walking

30 Degree Training Walk

When you’re on a long walk, you take what comes. If it’s hot, you walk. If it’s cold, you walk. If it’s raining, you walk. There are alternatives–taking a day off, although there’s no guarantee the following day’s weather will be any different, or catching a lift or taking a bus, something that’s hard to […]

29 Jul 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-07-29 12:33:00

A photo diary with information about developments for Walking with the Waste Land at the Margate Bookie 2017.Walking with the Waste Land is a community group which is part of a wider project at the Turner Contemporary exploring visual connections with ...

28 Jul 2017 | asiwandered

Cycling Denmark’s West Coast: Sunsets, snakes and serious amounts of porridge!

'TU MADRE NO HA PREPARADO EL CAFE PARA MI??!'I was shouting at the distinctly uninterested cows as I struggled forward barely moving on the never ending sand track.'TU PADRE NO HA PREPARADO LA PAELLA PARA MI??!'It was all getting a bit desperate now. To me the answer was obvious: I hate coffee, and it was far to early in the morning to be thinking about paella. Oblivious, the voice in my earphone had me repeating the phrases until the whole exercise turned into one of catharsis (and thus the

28 Jul 2017 | The Tour of All Tours

Way-Losing Brussels

The day before going on this Way-Losing Tour, I visited a friend in Molenbeek, the neighbourhood much in the news as a hotbed for jihad. It seemed perfectly OK to me, but I did hear from a friend living there that until recently it had seen a surg...

27 Jul 2017 | Talking Walking

Matthew Beaumont talking walking

It is a busy summer lunchtime in Bloomsbury, and we are within a ‘stone’s throw‘ of where Charles Dickens once lived.  Andrew Stuck, producer of Talking Walking, is in the company of Matthew Beaumont, a scholar and Professor in English Literature at University College London and author of the bestselling book called “Nightwalking, a Nocturnal History of […]

26 Jul 2017 | Walking Off the Big Apple

Walking in Woodstock

For anyone looking for an escape from New York, or a place to drop out for a few days, Woodstock, New York would be a good choice. While the musical festival associated with the town’s name took place decades ago and some sixty miles away, the small mo...

20 Jul 2017 | ossjay

Looking for commitment on Footpath 48a in Tonteg

Local Correspondents for Open Spaces Society have opportunities to object to any path orders, and I have had to refuse to withdraw objections to an order to extinguish a footpath through a new estate in Tonteg in Rhondda Cynon Taf.  … Continue reading →

20 Jul 2017 | 33 Temple

Students’ Cultural Film Project

After a semester teaching Aesthetics and Semiotics to students of Film and Television, Visual Communication and Digital Music and Media I was invited by my Film and Television students to take part in one of their group projects.The group project had f...

19 Jul 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Leaving Isfjorden and man over board

Saturday 15/10/2016  -3°C, 10m/s; Sunrise 10:29 – Sunset 16:55  There’s quite a swell at the entrance of Isfjorden as we take our early morning leave and continue south. We help to raise the sails and it’s certainly quieter and smoother than last night. Dark until mid-morning and much colder, ice lies over the deck. The light changes fast. We travel in grey black sea, bruised pink clouds hang over snow-covered mountains, the usual mist drifting over peaks. We pass all th...

19 Jul 2017 | Common Ground

‘Cognitive Surveillance’

I have been exploring my data scans through drawing as a way of making connections between my senses and the digital data.These drawings will be an on-going investigation which offer an accumulation of experiences and memories.  Drawing is a duality of...

19 Jul 2017 | Walking Off the Big Apple

The Eloise Story

Review. The most famous resident of New York’s Plaza Hotel, a mischievous little six-year-old girl named Eloise, is the subject of a delightful and curious exhibit at the New-York Historical Society. Eloise at the Museum is currently on display through...