18 Jul 2017 | Common Ground

Black Waters

Sit by the watersin silent reveriebring forth the words of the deadin myriad shardswords form like paths, trails,like footprintsthreaded through timedrawing that place to thistread carefully these pathsthe gentle thrum of footfall, beats like a shaman ...

18 Jul 2017 | Common Ground

New conversations and re:imaginings.

For the last few months I have been revisiting the locations of our residency in NSW via my 3D scans.  I had been completely unprepared for the size and scope captured by these scans. I had also been unprepared for the effect the scale of those locatio...

18 Jul 2017 | rdb notes

The Hartpury bee shelter

A deviant route from Aberystwyth (Welsh: mouth of the wiggly river) to Wokingham ('Wocca's people's home') can take you past the Hartpury Bee Shelter. It's down a road beside Hartpury church, some way from the village. Not perhaps a 21st century app...

17 Jul 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-07-17 05:44:00

A walk in July A collaborative walk on July 12th with the Garden Gate Community Project and Walking with The Waste Land in Cliftonville, Margate.A photo diary of a series of walks which we began in April. this is our fourth walk.July seems to...

16 Jul 2017 | asiwandered

Landscaping Nature

I would like to take you on a walk through the Cotswold's picturesque landscape. After all, in the Cotswolds can be found the definition of 'picturesque'. Follow, if you will, a narrow path wound tight against the golden walls of a wool church. Take care not to tread on the crumbling gravestone stacked alongside each other as jigsaw pieces slotting in a puzzle, out to the edges of a neat little walled enclosure. Swing open the rusted ‘kissing gate’ an...

14 Jul 2017 | Talking Walking

8 Breaths talking walking

8 Breaths Oxford is produced by Katherine McGavin and Mariana Galan Tanes Air quality is an issue which is grabbing media interest both here in London and elsewhere.  It is a nebulous, hard to grasp concept, and leaves many of us disempowered – what simple actions can we do to improve the air we breathe?  […]

11 Jul 2017 | walk time place sound

Sound+Environment 2017, University of Hull

A four-day conference of sound incorporating the overlap between art and science.  The format was three parallel paper sessions in the morning and afternoon, lunchtime and evening concerts and installations running from 11.00 to 19.00.  Keynote sessions were given by … Continue reading →

11 Jul 2017 | StoryWeaving

Inspired and Inspiring

The 3rd Seed Festival took place near Stroud this weekend at the inspirational Centre for Future Thinking; Hawkwood College thanks to changemaker Victoria Whelan. The sun shone,the skies were blue,the people were beautiful, the setting was to die for and the focus truly inspirational. Cutting edge speakers Mac MacCartney, Caroline Lucas, Rob Hopkins, Molly Scott Cato, […]

10 Jul 2017 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2017-07-10 19:06:00

'Precario' (1990) Cecilia Vicuña 'maximum fragility' can work against 'maximum power' These words from artist Julia Riddiough  who provided us with a walking chakra for our fragile lives.http://www.juliariddiough.comThis gave us a&n...

10 Jul 2017 | walkinglandscapes.com

Innovation walks for LEAD Academy

Last Friday I sent twenty participants of the LEAD Academy on their ways to explore their innovation strategies while walking Berlin. The newly formed Office For Applied Intuition (OFAI) ran a training course “Intuition+Ratio=Innovation”. I designed and facilitated walks fostering movement as crucial part of innovation processes. “One of the most inspiring trainings I´ve ever […]

09 Jul 2017 | Reading and Walking

Sunday South End Walk

In less than a month, we’ll be walking some 300 kilometres through southwestern Saskatchewan, from Swift Current to Battleford, following the route of a trail used by settlers, Métis traders and buffalo hunters, and First Nations. (You can learn more about that walk here.) The days will be relatively short–just 20 or 25 kilometres–but it’s going […]

09 Jul 2017 | 33 Temple

The Path to Enlightenment – July 2017

I had been working on different projects that related to the Sisyphus myth and eventually one group of experimental threads coalesced into a resolved performance piece.It is said that in order to reach a state of enlightenment and experience nirvana, w...