30 Sep 2017 | asiwandered

It Dawned On Me

This time. Held in suspense byBranches once delicate, gnarledFingers stretch out over years toHold back weathered sky. Paused. Shifted from shadow byDrops in flight; animated Fragments that fill my lungsAs I too still. Movement is elsewhere, andIn its ...

29 Sep 2017 | Talking Walking

Duncan Speakman talking walking

Duncan Speakman, modestly describes himself as an ‘outsider artist’ and a ‘jack of all trades’ with no formal arts training and experience gained as a composer, sound engineer, documentary post production, digital artist and now writer.  His ‘walking pieces’ have delighted Talking Walking producer, Andrew Stuck, who thought he might describe them as immersive taking […]

29 Sep 2017 | THE LRM

October 2017 First Sunday

First Sunday, This Sunday and we want to show solidarity with the wonderful WE SHALL OVERCOME 2017 and the many interesting and useful ways folk are engaging with the Tory Party Conference in Manchester this weekend (please feel free to share events in the comments). We know lots of Loiterers are involved with amazing stuff and heartily support you all and therefore we'll be enjoying one our occasional temporal shimmies. First Sunday derive will be shifting to the evening of Friday 13th October with more de...

24 Sep 2017 | IMPRINTABLE

McLean Fahnestock (Nashville, Tennessee)

McLean Fahnestock is a media artist and explorer whose work reveals discoveries and re-discoveries. She lives and works outside of Nashville, Tennessee. This conversation took place over email between July 2014 and July 2016, and captures an evolution in McLean’s professional status. All images courtesy of McLean Fahnestock. Glenn Bach: Let’s talk first about your […]

21 Sep 2017 | rdb notes


An ad hoc trip to Oswestry (Croesowallt), which spun some interesting surprises. There is no rail station in Oswestry, but there were once two, separated by 50 yards. It was a big rail town, now teeming with relics. Apparently people have been doing...

17 Sep 2017 | 33 Temple

‘No holiday’ – Dorsoduro, Venice

A trip to see the 2017 edition of the Venice Biennale gave me the opportunity to take my 'No holiday' performance there to continue the journey.After spending a few days becoming accustomed to the city, I decided to focus on crossing bridges that span ...

14 Sep 2017 | From Hill to Sea

New Publication: Language of Objects

We are very pleased to announce the publication of Language of Objects, a collaboration between Murdo Eason of the Fife Psychogeographical Collective and Brian Lavelle, sound artist and the Edinburgh Drift project. Language of Objects is a 58 page book in full colour inside … Continue reading →

14 Sep 2017 | walk time place sound

My Allenbanks Renga

Having talked about the writing process in a previous post, here is the Renga that I wrote. The edge of autumn   Today’s truth – the seventh month is our ninth white river brown   grassheads dance to a chainsaw’s … Continue reading →

13 Sep 2017 | Radical Stroud

Bristol Doors Open Days

Bristol Doors Open Days The Merchants’ Hall indocilis pauperiem pati ‘One who cannot learn to bear poverty’ What did I learn about our ‘Island Story’ On a squally September rain-swept day, At the Merchants’ Hall, and Redcliffe Caves? Well, we fo...