31 Oct 2017 | ossjay

“Landmarks” at Made in Roath

Made in Roath has an annual October festival which has a brilliant range of open exhibitions, happenings and events from dawn to dusk – all free to the public. My highlight this year was “Landmarks” by Unity and Rufus Musafa  … Continue reading →

31 Oct 2017 | Jack Lowe

Pokémon Go: Raids and Rhythms of Urban Life

Pokémon Go has been around since July 2016, yet it remains the most popular and prevalent augmented reality smartphone game around. In that time, its continued popularity owes much to a steady stream of updates and events that have retained the inte...

30 Oct 2017 | asiwandered

A journey of a lifetime! One coastline, three winters…

So this is day one. Only a few miles into the first leg of a 4500 mile running journey and my back aches. My soles hurt as if I’ve been punching them, which I suppose in a way I have, pounding them into the ground one after the other all morning. Now that I’ve sat down though – with a hand-warming mug of hot tea and the sun still shining on my face - I can’t help but feel I’m on the right track.Most of my friends call me ‘Franny’ or ‘You’re Mad’ fo...

29 Oct 2017 | Walk Coach Learn

Grays Inn Square

Grays Inn Square on a week day afternoon in July. Impressions: Blue sky after the downpour, serene, regal.  Shiny, old windows, shiny, new cars, magnificent buildings.  Trees sprouting a cover of leaves to the ground, places to hide, manicured grounds, peaceful and empty. Question: What does the colour yellow evoke for you? Images: Find out more […]

29 Oct 2017 | rdb notes

An October anabasis

There is a campaign to record all the SY23 postboxes since the LBSG records can sometimes be unreliable. An October opportunity gave a bike-borne chance to pinpoint some of the remoter instances up toward Cwmsymlog, but the highlight was without doubt...

28 Oct 2017 | Radical Stroud

Harvest Festivals and Changing Times

Times change don’t they? “Are there no prisons?” “Are there no workhouses?” Asked Mr. Scrooge back in the decade Known as ‘The Hungry Forties”, When asked to assist with charity, A charity that was mostly Christian rather than secular. Times cha...

28 Oct 2017 | Walk Coach Learn

Lee Valley

East London section of Lee Valley on a week day afternoon in July.  Impressions:  Cloudy and warm, sunless yet harshly bright.  Canal boats, early blackberries, bridges, pathways, railways, lots of lines, criss crossing and rising.  Colourful graffiti, lurid green sludge, algae, waterfowl, cranes, building clanking. Question: As I walk I wonder how the ducks survive […]

27 Oct 2017 | Tracey M Benson

Trees, Elders & Cross Species Connections

Since I have been in Norway, the theme of trees has appeared over and over again. The tree is a metaphor for time and family as well as a connection to the natural world. It makes complete sense here too as Norway has lots of magnificent forests. I have met many tree Elders on my […]