30 Nov 2017 | Jack Lowe

Spirits of Adisham

It’s 7.45 am, misty and fresh. On the rocky, inclining path towards the train station, a procession of gaunt commuters and schoolkids plod in sequence, tiredly brushing off the spider webs clinging to their faces from the bordering hedgerow. Emerging ...

29 Nov 2017 | Radical Stroud

What Makes People Love History

What makes People love history? So that it becomes a passion, Not a subject, nor hobby, nor interest, Not a diversion, nor a pastime, But a consuming passion instead. I started to read the virtual edition Of the History Workshop Journal, A compe...

29 Nov 2017 | From Hill to Sea

At around 4.00pm, 25.11.17

Not any special tree. Just a tree and tidal sky, ebbing to gelid darkness. The last wave breaking of a November day. One final incandescent breath. A path lit – for the moment. To retreat or proceed? Always the same … Continue reading →

29 Nov 2017 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk – Motivation

It’s a surprisingly warm November day.  A group of strangers with diverse business backgrounds become a lively, supportive, adventurous gathering of self-bosses, through a walk in the Olympic Park.  This is a different kind of networking experience, a Self-Boss Networking Walk lead by Anise and designed to be uplifting, energising and positive. “The walk was inspiring, relaxing and […]

29 Nov 2017 | From Hill to Sea

Another Green World

  Another Green World     Concrete dreams of Catterline (Found Art – after Eardley) .    After the fall Small increments in green   ≈≈≈ Now playing: Eno – ‘In Dark Trees’ from Another Gree...

27 Nov 2017 | Radical Stroud

The Pilgrim’s True Path

It started with a glance out of the bus, A blood red disc of a sandstorm sun, It was ten past ten. The light numinous rather than luminous, As we opened the door to leave Bisley church, Emigrant-ghosts waiting for the Bristol cart, And a six week...

27 Nov 2017 | writethemap

What Does Walking Mean To Me?

  Maggie Peake describes her relationship with walking as ambiguous. One wet September morning, walking the South Downs, Maggie decided to ponder on the reasons for this,… Read more "What Does Walking Mean To Me?"

25 Nov 2017

Fresh additions

It’s not been hours since going live, and here are the latest additions to I am the Walker . com. … More