31 Mar 2018 | From Hill to Sea

Spaces of Silence

1876 ≈ Out of the silence of centuries, discrete words will, one day, surface for us … Edmond Jabès     text without words     unheard conversation     solitaire (listening to the light)     setting sun reflects … Continue reading →

29 Mar 2018 | exercises in being here

Old and new connections

An old story. Because the world is in turmoil, is always in turmoil and inbetween all the sad things that are happening everywhere it is important to remember that there are just as many, or maybe even more, beautiful things happening. Often it is i...

29 Mar 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

In the footsteps of Richard Jefferies – Part One

Did you know that one of our most cherished and important nature writers lived in Tolworth? Richard Jefferies (1848-1887) was born in Coate in Wiltshire, but moved to live in Tolworth, at 296 Ewell Road, from 1877 – 1882. During this time he wrote what is acknowledged to be his finest writing, some of which … Continue reading In the footsteps of Richard Jefferies – Part One →

29 Mar 2018 | THE LRM

April First Sunday

Hello everyone Delighted that spring seems to be finally springing and hoping this Sunday will be a memorable loiter. First Sunday coincides with both April Fools Day and Easter Sunday; have yet to decide what form our wander will take so if anyone has any thoughts do please let me know. I do however have a starting point: 2pm by the giant bike outside Deansgate station. As ever all our welcome to join us, we'll walk for about 2 hours in a direction decided collectively and then find somewhere to sit and s...

28 Mar 2018 | exercises in being here

Found and lost

  The policemen with big guns on my daily route are new. I pass a van and three vigilant men when I am approaching the train station. The entrance to the park a bit further down the road is blocked completely. The Catalan Parliament building is...

27 Mar 2018 | Walking Off the Big Apple

Thomas Cole’s Arcadia

The American landscape painter Thomas Cole (1801–1848), the founder of the Hudson River School, was born in Northern England in 1801 when his native landscape, leafy and green, began to wither under the grimy dark soot of smokestacks and scarring by ma...

26 Mar 2018 | exercises in being here

The power of sound

It is only a big concrete-mixer in front of the building that is being renovated across the street. No need to feel anxious. But it sounds similar to the noise of police helicopters circling around in the area close to my home whenever the Spanish gove...

25 Mar 2018 | Radical Stroud

Inprint Eulogy

The Inprint shop and building in the High Street in Stroud, Resembles nothing so much as something out of Dickens, An Old Curiosity Shop, Defying straight lines of logic: A seeming hexagonal structure, With Wemmick-like turrets at the top; The sh...

25 Mar 2018 | exercises in being here

It is always time to love

Where did it go? I stayed up until 3 am to see where it went but in the moment I kept my eyes on the time in the left corner of my computer screen to see when 02:59 would change into the next hour, it had gone already. It is stored somewhere and will b...