31 Oct 2018 | Museum of Walking

Clock changes

Never been one for working out whether the clocks go forward or back, so of course this last weekend, I had a bit of panic that I wasn’t going to be at the start of a walkshop in Brockley at the right time!  As it happened I bumped into co-walkshop leader Paul Wood on the […]

30 Oct 2018 | Mindy Goose

Kirkgate Market – Halloween

I have been at Kirkgate Leeds Market twice in the last week, working with children on marvellous Halloween creations. Firstly on the Saturday for Same Difference Arts making Halloween monsters out of paper, and then on Tuesday helping with Playful Anyw...

29 Oct 2018 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 18

Freshwater Bay, NewfoundlandIt had rained all night and the woods smelled amazing. The trail was springy, with boardwalks over the wettest parts, and downhill all the way in. It opened onto a view over Freshwater pond, the bay, up the coast, and out to the ocean - the opposite view of our Southside Hills walk. A tea-coloured river tumbled out of the woods, which we crossed on a sturdy footbridge. We stepped from boulder to boulder across the barachois. Water everywhere, underfoot and in the air, [...]

29 Oct 2018 | Everyone's Blog Posts - Making Routes

Reflections on our latest visit to Knepp

On 14th– 17th September 2018, I returned to Knepp Castle Estate for a third time with Jamie Lorimer, along with three new visitors: Sofie Narbed, Jenny Swingler and Scott Twynholm. On previous trips we had scoped out, explored and experimented with this complicated site; learning to read, interpret and work with the wild processes and inhabitants of the Wildland Project (Overend and Lorimer 2018). This time, we planned to make something: to create a text that…

29 Oct 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Wonders of Walking Through TED Talks

Do you want a short, lively hit of walking wonder?  These TED talks extol the many virtues of walking from a variety of aspects.  Walking is free, can be done wherever you are and could literally change your life… Do you want to have more energy, better memory, improved mood and increased focus and attention?  … Wonders of Walking Through TED TalksRead More »

28 Oct 2018 | Radical Stroud

A Swindon Town Great War Pilgrimage

A Swindon Town Remembrance Pilgrimage We must have numbered a football team, Umbrellas unfurled at the cenotaph, Where we spoke of Walter Tull and Spurs, And Swindon Town and Northampton Town Footballers who fell in the Great War - The rain provi...

28 Oct 2018 | Radical Stroud

Captain Swing in Gloucestershire

‘And lo and behold! Here I am!’ It was a perfect autumn day for a bike ride, Mournful golds and russets and crimsons, Sun dappled and splashed as I climbed the wolds, To leave the pastoral valleys behind, And so reach the wide, open, brown-ploughe...

28 Oct 2018 | exercises in being here

Looking for Jesus and Jeanette

I am always surprised by the things I find in my books. Usually I left them there myself, a long time ago. Polaroids, notes, postcards. But I didn’t put this in here. And when I brouse through the book I realise I didn’t even read it, which is odd beca...

27 Oct 2018 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 17

Brigus Lighthouse Trail, Brigus, NewfoundlandIt was a glorious day, full of bright light and subtle colour, all backed by the blues of Conception Bay and sky. Time constraints kept us from hiking the length of the trail to the lighthouse, but we walked far enough for a good view from the headland to the north-east of Brigus. A stream ran across the trail and downhill into the sea. The light playing with moving water and the sound of it made us sit still in the sunshine for a little while at the [...]