15 Nov 2018 | Museum of Walking

Bucolic scenes in town

Autumn colours have been all around these last two weeks, and what has surprised us is that so many of the scenes that have caught our eye have been in London.  We have been out about on the streets of Muswell Hill, walking with Paul Wood, author of “London’s Street Trees“. As a finale for […]

15 Nov 2018 | 33 Temple

Collecting Colours in Saigon

I had previously written about my recent digital print 'District 7 Strata', and how the work led on to further divergent threads that I am now beginning to unpick one by one. In addition to this I would like to express my satisfaction at having the opp...

12 Nov 2018 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2018-11-12 10:36:22

I absorb Marclay over time. Dipping in and out of his Clock as opportunities arise. How long did Maya and I queue in New York? Massing hours in pursuit of time’s totality.  Whereas artists such as Douglas Gordon famously explored duration through the slowing down of cinematic flow almost to the point of stillness, Marclay […]

11 Nov 2018 | THE LRM

Sunday 11th November walk

The walk on Sunday 11 will start 3pm at the Engels statue outside Home, still waiting for detailed instructions from our comrades at STEP in NYC but they tell me it will be a search for Utopia... We'll be back to our self-guided, self-paced random wanderings here after the performance tour (photos of that online soon). As ever, all events free and everyone welcome. I'm still collecting socks and sanitary items to pass on, will be taking them sometime next week. I know a few people forgot last time but any ...

09 Nov 2018 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2018-11-09 07:56:21

A walk between two people in four parts over the course of one day. A combination of the texts and photographs of Blake Morris and Andrew Howe. A walk authored together. i.) performance Chimney Obscures Plane DSB – Waiting Turns A dog down by the river bank scrabbles in fallen leaves Leaving a deposit for […]

09 Nov 2018 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Seas


North - coming soonSolo Show with Cadogan ContemporaryDec 3 - 21st 2018for more information go to the link: https://www.cadogancontemporary.com/exhibition/janette-kerr-north/Showing new work from the Arctic and Shetland

08 Nov 2018 | Museum of Walking

A Peckham Spark

We took to the streets of Peckham on Sunday to celebrate the life of Dame Muriel Spark and in particular her novel “The Ballad of Peckham Rye”. We had a great turnout of more than 20 people, good number of whom had actually read the book! We began by walking up Rye Lane to the […]

06 Nov 2018 | Mindy Goose

Tetley Workshop – Dancing Stick People

This workshop was in response to Simeon Barclay: Bus2Move, which is the current exhibition at The Tetley. The exhibition explores the relationships between performance, installation, costume display, stage design, sculpture and props. For my workshop t...

03 Nov 2018 | exercises in being here

Terra incognita

My weblog statistics tell me that in the last week my writing has been read most by people from Spain, the United States, the UK, Poland, Germany, Turkey, Colombia, Denmark and Japan and one other location. What surprises me is that my home country isn...

01 Nov 2018 | exercises in being here


The first day of November. After a night filled with thunder and lightning the outside world looks like new. The streets are still quiet, the early morning light is reflected in big puddles of water everywhere. It is only a matter of time before the...