18 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Whithorn Way, Day Three

This morning, we put on our wet boots for another day of walking. There are two schools of thought here regarding wet boots: does one wear dry socks and risk getting them wet, ending up with two pairs of wet socks, or does one wear damp socks and keep the dry pair for a better […]

18 Jul 2019 | Talking Walking

Dan Raven-Ellison talking walking

In this extended episode, published to coincide with the Festival celebrating London becoming a National Park City, Andrew Stuck talks to Dan Raven-Ellison, the campaigner behind the initiative. Dan is far more than just a ‘one trick pony’ having spent a lifetime seeking ways of getting people, young and old outdoors into nature. He has […]

17 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Whithorn Way, Day Two

It started raining as we left the B&B. We had eaten enough to satisfy Robert the Bruce’s army at breakfast. In the town centre, we ran across the landlord from the Maybole Arms with Loki, and they posed for a photo. Our B&B hosts had said it was a mile to Crossraguel Abbey. It was […]

16 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Whithorn Way, Day One

We’re on the train to Ayr from Glasgow, where we’ll begin our walk on the Whithorn Way, an approximation of an old pilgrimage path to Whithorn, where the relics of St. Ninian, the first Christian missionary to Scotland, are located. Many medieval pilgrims, or at least pre-Reformation ones, including Mary, Queen of Scots, made their […]

16 Jul 2019 | LucyFurLeaps

Hogsmill Tiddlers

At the wooden bridge, beside the washing-willow, under frayed dare-devil rope-swing, we small-fry gather; splash-paddle in the sun-filled slipstream, our expectant jam jars perched ready on banks for contents of day-glo nets on bamboo poles, skim-dunked, dipped into laughing sparkle, we seek out elusive piscine lurkers, shoal-darters, minnow-school pretty-carpers, spike-backed silver-bellied sticklebacks, shimmer and shift … Continue reading Hogsmill Tiddlers →

09 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Walking to Maynooth

When I was accepted into the Sacred Journeys conference in Maynooth, Ireland, I thought I might walk there from Dublin. My paper is on walking pilgrimages, so it seemed appropriate. Here I am, then, on the Royal Canal towpath, resting and enjoying the breeze. Maybe I’ll walk away my jet lag. I slept in a […]

09 Jul 2019 | News

Annual General Meeting

Annual General Meeting of Living Streets AotearoaWednesday 21th August 2019, 7.00pm You are invited to attend the Annual General Meeting of Living Streets Aotearoa which will be held:- on Wednesday 21th August 2019, 7.00pm- by Zoom internet conference ...

08 Jul 2019 | LucyFurLeaps

Votes For Women! Annie Kenney and the 26 Armistice Project

Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a wonderful project by 26 and the Imperial War Museum: Armistice 100 Days. This ambitious project involved 100 writers each writing a centena – a specially created form of writing for the project – about someone who was alive during the First World War. Each … Continue reading Votes For Women! Annie Kenney and the 26 Armistice Project →

07 Jul 2019 | 33 Temple

The 12th Online Performance Art Festival

For the 12th edition of the Online Performance Art Festival I decided to conduct a second version of my recent performance piece 'One Step Forward, Two Steps Back', which I had created and recorded at Sewerby, Bridlington in the UK. I have already writ...

06 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

Walking to the Glenbow

Yesterday, I played hooky from the conference I’m attending at the University of Calgary and walked downtown. It wasn’t a drift–I had Google Maps open on my phone, trying to find my way through a snarl of highways and suburban streets–nor was it nonfunctional walking, because I had a goal in mind: the Nick Cave […]

05 Jul 2019 | THE LRM

July 2019 First Sunday, a Walk in a Park

First Sunday This Sunday and as suggested we are going somewhere different.... Lets explore Heaton Park. We'll catch the first tram after 2pm from St Peters Square tram stop (it should be 14.11 if things are on time). It arrives at Heaton Park 23ish minutes later - so if you want to meet us at the Heaton Park metrolink please get there for 2.30. The unexpected element public transport always brings means it might be tricky to find us if you aren't at the tram stop on time so please try to be punctual ...

02 Jul 2019 | Reading and Walking

73. Harold Cardinal and Walter Hildebrandt, Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan: Our Dream Is That Our Peoples Will One Day Be Clearly Recognized As Nations

Treaty Elders of Saskatchewan: Our Dream Is That Our Peoples Will One Day Be Clearly Recognized As Nations (another that I read in the summer course I took last summer) is exceedingly important, because it explores the oral tradition surrounding the treaties in Saskatchewan through the words of contemporary Elders (contemporary 20 years ago, that […]