28 Feb 2019 | exercises in being here


My mind wandered off. I was reading how carnival is being celebrated here and was intrigued by "the funeral of the sardine on Ash Wednesday". "Maybe I should go fishing this weekend," I thought but the chances of catching a sardine are small unless ...

26 Feb 2019 | Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

Words 4 Water @MITWater Night

Tonight some of my video works will be presented at part of the annual MIT Water Night which brings together water scientists, artists, technologists and water lovers. Here is a couple of tweets about the show Super happy to see some of “Words for Water” being exhibited as part of MIT Water Night – wish […]

24 Feb 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-02-24 18:46:00

“Sumak Kawsay” * A photo diary with a few words about our walk for Terminalia.  VaraThis walk is now recorded through knotted ropes attached to a Vara. It's title: ‘Sumak Kawsay’.A Walk for Terminalia on Saturday February 23rd with Threa...

21 Feb 2019 | Reading and Walking

25. Tim Cresswell, Place: An Introduction

  It took me a long time to finish reading Tim Cresswell’s little introduction to the concept of place. It wasn’t because it’s a difficult book—it isn’t—but because it’s the middle of the semester and I’m tired and distracted. I have to start studying for my Cree midterm today, so I won’t get back to […]

21 Feb 2019 | writethemap

Walking the Gallery

Words at The Black Swan, Peter Hayes Exhibition. The opening of each new exhibition at Frome’s Black Swan Arts Centre is followed by Words in the Gallery, bringing writers together to explore the work and respond in writing. This month’s workshop was  inspired by Clare Hind and Clare Qualmann’s Ways to Wander the Gallery, a project hosted […]