21 Feb 2019 | Talking Walking

George Fort talking walking

Walking along London’s Regent’s canal in Hackney with George Fort who has been developing a digital platform called “Placecloud”. Placecloud is all about animating the places through which we walk with place-specific recordings (‘placecasts’) written by writers, artists, scholars and everyday people. George maintains it is not a collection of audio tours, recorded in a […]

21 Feb 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-02-21 08:52:00

A Walk for Terminalia with Thread and Word. 23/02/2019 (for more about this walk please see previous blog postings.)‘sumak kawsay’*This photo taken at Reculver , during a walk on Wednesday. A PlaylistWoody Guthrie - Waiting at the Gate : yout...

20 Feb 2019 | Mindy Goose

Creative Writing exercise

I recently attended a creative writing workshop taster session at Swarthmore Education Centre in Leeds, as part of an Arts and Minds Network event. This is the result of one of the exercises of free writing that we did. Based on the letter written by R...

20 Feb 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Developing UX Teams: It’s a Walk in the Park

I do this. I take teams and individuals for coaching walks in green urban areas, aka parks. I do this to help teams think clearly, bond, feel good but mostly to help them manage the change they’re experiencing.  UX teams are great to work with. They are often not only undergoing constant changes in their work, they … Developing UX Teams: It’s a Walk in the ParkRead More »

20 Feb 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Resilience. What is it and why would we want it?

Resilience is one of those terms that is often used and something we’re urged to have. But what is it actually? We may associate it with mental toughness or grit, bouncing back or the ability to just keep going. Resilience Engine describes resilience as our capacity to change. It’s a positive state that is resourceful, adaptable and … Resilience. What is it and why would we want it?Read More »

19 Feb 2019 | exercises in being here

Alice in Wonderland

It is very possible in this city that you walk home hungry in the light of a supermoon and you pass a tray with small chocolate croissants leaning on a garbage bin asking to be eaten. And you try one and although it isn't as fresh as it was this mor...

18 Feb 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-02-18 18:08:00

A Walk for Terminalia with Thread and Word - Some context for our walk .This walk takes place February 23rd in Seasalter, on the Kent Coast.http://terminaliafestival.org you can check the festival out and find us under events.IntiAs I prepare for ...

18 Feb 2019 | Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

When the Rivers Run Dry

This year I have started a new series of works exploring the inland lakes and rivers of the Murray Darling Basin (MDB), building on the Words for Water project. As an ACF River Fellow and River Ambassador, I have learnt a lot from other Fellows from around the MBD about the many challenges the rivers […]

18 Feb 2019 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2019-02-18 06:57:23

I have been delaying this blog post. It signals an end. A reflective punctuation mark on a year-long walk. Moments, pulled from a total experience made significant in their reflection. I have explored fifty-three ways to wander, but haven’t exhausted them yet. A year made meaningful by the generosity of others: their ideas, footsteps and […]

17 Feb 2019 | Radical Stroud

A Wiltshire Town and Peterloo

I travelled on the GWR, Built not long after the Orator’s death, Passing through a mill-scape valley Known well by quondam colleague, William Cobbett, On past antique ridge and furrow fields, To Swindon, a town that I am sure Henry ‘Orator’ Hunt ...