21 Mar 2019 | Elspeth Penfold

Elspeth Penfold 2019-03-21 08:25:00

 ' Home coming', 2018I will be joining a fab collection with eighteen wonderful artists at CabinetI'm so delighted to be a part of this collection as it has given me the opportunity to consider how to display my work connecting weaving, ...

20 Mar 2019 | 33 Temple

Work Update – March 2019

Following on from my previous post 'Open-ended Work' of August 2018, I have now worked my way round to pushing forward the wall relief sculpture derived from the 'District 7' print.I had set aside this piece for a while to attend to other projects and ...

19 Mar 2019 | Reading and Walking

27. Michel de Certeau, The Practice of Everyday Life

My productivity has diminished lately, partly because it’s that time of the semester when other tasks, like marking, take up much of my time, and partly because it’s that time of the winter when I’m particularly exhausted and anxious for spring to arrive. The winters here are long, and this one has been very cold, […]

16 Mar 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 34

Oil Change Walk, Medicine Hat, AlbertaI had an hour to kill while I had my oil changed.I had an hour to wait while I had my oil changed.I had an hour to explore and move and get some fresh air and think while I had my oil changed. Location: Medicine Hat, AlbertaLength: 5 kmCompanions: NoneDate: 15 March, 2019 [...]

14 Mar 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Walking to reflect on failure

We need to fail in order to learn.  Failure is part of trying new things and moving forward.  But how comfortable do we feel talking about and sharing our failures? We (Professor Susannah Quinsee and I) made this the theme of our SEDA conference walk in November: Walking as a tool for reflective practice.  Delegates … Walking to reflect on failureRead More »

13 Mar 2019 | Museum of Walking

Sound Walk Sunday returns on Sunday 1 September

This week we have issued an Open Call for new walking pieces to be included in Sound Walk Sunday which this year will take place on Sunday 1st September and during the week following. Hand-held digital technologies are ubiquitous and add another dimension for the creative to work in developing enhanced walking experiences. We believe […]

12 Mar 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Walking Plane Leaf

10% of trees in London are London Plane trees. Not only is it an instantly recognisable tree that serves as a backdrop for much of my walking coaching work in London parks and streets, it’s a symbol of resilience. The London Plane is a hybrid tree with mixed parentage – just like so many of … Walking Plane LeafRead More »

11 Mar 2019 | Mindy Goose

Reading Photographs

I have at times, throughout my time as an artist, been accused of never having people or humanity in my photographs, and not showing any life around me. Humanity is not just people, humanity is what encompasses us. The way we interact with our environm...

11 Mar 2019 | Radical Stroud

Spring Equinox Walk

On Wednesday 20th March 2019, to mark the Spring Equinox, Radical Stroud will carry out a Walk to Circumnavigate the Arlingham Peninsula. There is much to note, remark on and celebrate on the way - Estuarine myths and legends; Ivor Gurney [who sailed...

10 Mar 2019 | Walking Off the Big Apple

New York Spring Calendar 2019

An updated calendar for annual spring events in New York City for 2019. Let's spring forward to blooming times in New York City, the best locations for witnessing spring's beginnings, and springtime events. While the occasional snow could blow through...

10 Mar 2019 | Tracey M Benson || Bytetime

Nordic 5 Arts: Northern Light Exhibition

Really excited to be a part of this exhibition where some of my video works will be presented. From the Facebook event page: “Nordic Light” exhibition of paintings, prints, photographs, textiles, video art, and sculptures in ceramic and stone. Members of Nordic Five Arts—Tracey Benson, Colette Crutcher, Ulla De Larios, Olivia Eielson, Ellen Faris, Pam […]

10 Mar 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 33

Snowshoe Walk, Boulder, MontanaThe snow is deep, the sky is blue, the sun is out, it’s a perfect day for a walk on snowshoes. The contours of the land are soft and shadowed under sparkling snow, and the pine covered hills rise up all around the valley. We followed paths made by humans and by deer, first heading face-first into a small but cold easterly breeze, then turning our backs to the wind and climbing the hill to the old concrete hotsprings catchment. There were tracks of birds and w [...]