18 Jun 2019 | Reading and Walking

59. Deirdre Heddon and Cathy Turner, “Walking Women: Shifting the Tales and Scales of Mobility”

As I’ve been working on this project, I’ve occasionally read things that made me stop and wonder how I’ve managed to do anything without having already read that text. One example of a text with that kind of power is Phil Smith’s book, Walking’s New Movement: Opportunities, Decelerations and Beautiful Obstacles in the Performances, Politics, […]

18 Jun 2019 | Reading and Walking

58. Tina Richardson, ed., Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography

Tina Richardson’s anthology Walking Inside Out: Contemporary British Psychogeography is one of the many books to which Phil Smith refers in Walking’s New Movements, his important discussion of walking as an aesthetic and political practice. I’m not a psychogeographer, but anyone who engages in what Smith calls “non-functional” walking needs to come to terms with […]

17 Jun 2019 | News

Building better communities in New Zealand

Thought-leaders to share plans to improve the walking experience at second New Zealand Walking SummitFor the first time, Auckland will host the Walking Summit from 20 - 21 June - New Zealand's leading event for promoting walking-friendly communities.Of...

13 Jun 2019 | Tough Soles Blog

Announcing Tough Soles Maps!

Tough Soles MapsTough Soles Maps are a collection of walking maps for every National Waymarked Trail in Ireland, made available under the CC-BY license, allowing anybody to distribute, remix, tweak, and build upon them, as long as Tough Soles is attri...

07 Jun 2019 | rdb notes

Llanfihangel Genau’r Glyn [Llandre]

In search of Castell Gwallter. The castle was a text book motte and bailey (lat/long 52.462459, -4.028706), presumably of timber that was built by a Norman invader (Walter de Bec), captured by a Welsh chieftain (Owain Gwynedd), retaken by the Frenc...

07 Jun 2019 | Talking Walking

Peter Jaeger talking walking

Peter Jaeger is Professor of Poetics at Roehampton University.  For over 30 years he has been making pilgrimages to sacred sites around the world, keeping journals of his discoveries and walks.  Using these as source texts and drawing on literature and walking narratives, he has composed Midamble a long form poem of book length, in […]

06 Jun 2019 | Reading and Walking

54. John Schott and Phil Smith, Rethinking Mythogeography in Northfield, Minnesota

Rethinking Mythogeography in Northfield, Minnesota, a collaboration between John Schott and Phil Smith, helps to explain what mythogeography (Smith’s walking practice) is, and suggests the ways that practice is still developing and changing. In that way, it’s a companion to his earlier book on mythogeography, perhaps as an example of practice to accompany that text’s […]