05 Jan 2019 | exercises in being here

Kings and queens

The homeless were still asleep. In the hollow between the tall buildings where the fundaments of the old city wall are still visible two persons were huddled up in a red and a blue sleepingbag. Next to the entrance of one of the buildings a tent occupi...

04 Jan 2019 | Talking Walking

Stefaan van Biesen talking walking

Walking in silence and stepping lightly on the ground are two rules with which Belgian artist, Stefaan van Biesen frequently asks his companions and participants to comply.  Today’s walk is an exception as Talking Walking‘s producer, Andrew Stuck and Stefaan step away from the activities of Made of Walking in La Romieu in south west France, for which […]

04 Jan 2019 | THE LRM

First Sunday of 2019

Dear friends and comrades in loitering We will be welcoming 2019 in with our first First Sunday derive of the year this weekend, 6th January. Please join us for a bimble starting at 2pm Stevenson Square - we'll be on or near the traffic island with the graffiti covered ex-toilet. Whether you are curious about hidden Manchesters, psychogeography, creative walking or just fancy a convivial exploration of the everyday you are most welcome to wander and wonder with us. As ever our communal strolls ar...

03 Jan 2019 | A Wander is not a Slog

A Wander is not a Slog 2019-01-03 05:34:03

Walk 51. A Certain History by Linda Rae Dornan. Counting the periphery of The Racecourse for my first walk in #Northampton. 8:32 – 8:35am: 13 gardens, 5 shrubs, 2 visible ornaments. 8:35am: approx. 238 trees 0 visible insects. 8:56am: a pavement that was 4X298. 9:13am: Left foot by leaves, right foot by twigs. 9:24am: passed […]

03 Jan 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 25

Night Walk, Toronto, OntarioWe had walked a lot already, roaming the city for hours at a time. After a late supper and wine at Aloette, we walked along Queen St. W. from Spadina to the skating rink at City Hall, and back to our hotel. The last walk of the day, a winter night in the city among the streetcars, pedestrians, towers and lights. Location: Queen Street West, Toronto, OntarioLength: 1.5 kmCompanions: TomDate: 3 January, 2019 [...]

02 Jan 2019 | Walking Off the Big Apple

On a Long Winter Break

Walking Off the Big Apple, like a bear in winter, is currently taking a long winter's nap. When the days grow warmer in the springtime, you may see increasing signs of activity. Or not. We may have reached the end of this journey. Life goes on in the...

01 Jan 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 24

New Years Day, Burlington, OntarioA loop walk in the west end of Burlington, through the neighbourhoods and cemeteries just off of Plains Road, past the Austrian Club and Easterbrook's hotdog stand. Through a busy parking lot and down the trail into the wetlands of Hendrie Valley, following the path along Grindstone Creek, through what we used to call Lamb's Hollow, and across into Hidden Valley. The creek takes us from the end of one valley and through another, where we climb the hill and catch [...]