08 Aug 2019 | Museum of Walking

Sauntering with the Museum in September

The first of September marks the first day of Spring in the southern Hemisphere and is celebrated in Australia as Wattle Day.  Although the Museum of Walking resides in the northern hemisphere, we are keen to celebrate the 1st of September as well. Sound Walk Sunday, on the first of September 2019 will be the […]

26 Mar 2019 | Museum of Walking

You don’t have to be a mother to qualify

We have started this week with a spring in our step, not least because of a fantastic full house for our seasonal opener with Paul Wood exploring the urban forest in Herne Hill where the cherry-tree lined streets were such a draw. Former Southwark Councillor, Robin Crookshank-Hilton, who was pivotal in getting Winterbrook Road lined […]

13 Mar 2019 | Museum of Walking

Sound Walk Sunday returns on Sunday 1 September

This week we have issued an Open Call for new walking pieces to be included in Sound Walk Sunday which this year will take place on Sunday 1st September and during the week following. Hand-held digital technologies are ubiquitous and add another dimension for the creative to work in developing enhanced walking experiences. We believe […]

24 Dec 2018 | Museum of Walking

Christmas cheer and resolutions

Andrew Stuck, founder of the Museum of Walking writes “When I was a child, I was told to remember the 3 Rs: reading, ‘riting and ‘rithmetic. I never understood why you needed to remember, or to remember them in this ungrammatical way.  These days, as we mangle the English language to fit a Tweet, text […]

18 Dec 2018 | Museum of Walking

Imagine pruning 4,000 fruit trees

400 years ago that little bit of London called St James‘ was an orchard – King James I brought mulberry trees (and other fruiters) from the Languedoc regions in France, creating a demonstration orchard, with which he hoped to encourage the ‘landed gentry’ to create their own mulberry orchards.  There are plenty of myths surrounding […]

06 Dec 2018 | Museum of Walking

Sparks fly in Kensington

As we try to unravel fact from fiction, whether it is the novels she wrote or her autobiography, Dame Muriel Spark led us on an obscure trail in Kensington.  Once well established as a literary author, in the 1980s she wrote two novels, on reflection set in Kensington in the 1950s: “A Far Cry from […]

29 Nov 2018 | Museum of Walking

Contested spaces and making places more walkable

Transfer of assets to the community is an expression we have encountered a few times this past week – sounds fairly inconsequential until you begin to unravel what this might mean, and who within the community will be the beneficiaries.  We listened to Bob Gilbert, author of “Ghost Trees” and former Islington Borough Parks officer […]

22 Nov 2018 | Museum of Walking

Tales of long walks

On Monday I went to a talk by Satish Kumar at Alternatives, in Piccadilly, London. Now in his 80s, smiling and looking as young as ever, spoke eloquently, about  how peace is a way of life not just an opposite of war. Explaining that he was inspired by Bertrand Russell, and the stop nuclear weapons campaigns, […]

15 Nov 2018 | Museum of Walking

Bucolic scenes in town

Autumn colours have been all around these last two weeks, and what has surprised us is that so many of the scenes that have caught our eye have been in London.  We have been out about on the streets of Muswell Hill, walking with Paul Wood, author of “London’s Street Trees“. As a finale for […]

08 Nov 2018 | Museum of Walking

A Peckham Spark

We took to the streets of Peckham on Sunday to celebrate the life of Dame Muriel Spark and in particular her novel “The Ballad of Peckham Rye”. We had a great turnout of more than 20 people, good number of whom had actually read the book! We began by walking up Rye Lane to the […]

31 Oct 2018 | Museum of Walking

Clock changes

Never been one for working out whether the clocks go forward or back, so of course this last weekend, I had a bit of panic that I wasn’t going to be at the start of a walkshop in Brockley at the right time!  As it happened I bumped into co-walkshop leader Paul Wood on the […]

25 Oct 2018 | Museum of Walking

Stories from stones

Borrowing a phrase from Talking Walking interviewee, Leo Hollis, who said ‘where stones turn into stories‘ while talking about how the City of London, and the fabric of its built environment conjures up a myriad of stories.  Leo had just written a book about Sir Christopher Wren and the re-building of St Paul’s Cathedral, but […]

19 Oct 2018 | Museum of Walking

Orchard to Orchard

We marked Apple day on Sunday 14 October, with our new Museum of Walking Co-creator, Carole Wright who is not only an artist, but a bee keeper, community gardener and orchardist.  She has lived in the SE1 postcode area for many a year, and has worked for local charities and initiatives, including Bankside Open Spaces […]

11 Oct 2018 | Museum of Walking

Walking: between the lines

We have a fascination with writers who draw from place.  It is probably something to do with the fact that as walkers we are out carving our way through space and experiencing places, one step at a time.  We are not great writers so appreciate those who can write a good story and engage with […]

04 Oct 2018 | Museum of Walking

Making it better for walking

It is ever so easy to forget what was there before…..what was that building that is now rubble behind a hoarding and where did that path lead to anyway?  Don’t know about you, but we are feeling that our grasp on place is slipping from our memory.  If you don’t cover the territory very often, […]

27 Sep 2018 | Museum of Walking

Walking the archives

The #100daysto challenge to mark the tenth anniversary of Talking Walking has begun! We are diving through the Podcast Library archives of 90+ interviews and we thought we would work through it chronologically.  So take yourself back in time to 2007/8 – where were you 10 years ago? I had been very lucky to win […]

20 Sep 2018 | Museum of Walking


Peter Coles has been unearthing the history, the myths and truths behind London mulberry trees.  He won over the Conservation Foundation to help him secure Heritage Lottery funding to create morus londinium, an interactive map and archive of mulberry tree heritage, that Peter maintains, and now he is putting pen to paper.   We are […]

14 Sep 2018 | Museum of Walking

100 days to

Talking Walking has been marking its tenth anniversary this year.  We have had the delight of reconnecting with several of the walkers we interviewed over the last decade, learning about what they’ve been doing and where they have been walking.  When and where we can, we have been updating their pages on the Talking Walking […]

02 Mar 2018 | Museum of Walking

Something for the weekend? Snuggle up and listen

Like Mr Kipling, Mr Stanley makes exceedingly good confectionery, and his walking sticks are just such a favourite of ours. Even if you haven’t got a box of these minty delights close to hand, we have got something for you curl up to listen to, and dream about the Spring and sunshine soon to come. […]