06 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Afterthoughts

I’m exhausted today, of course, and my legs don’t feel like cooperating when I ask them to climb stairs or walk across the room. That’s to be expected. I should’ve taken two days to finish the last 40 kilometres of my walk. But I didn’t. I decided to leave everything on the road and push […]

06 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Nine

Last night, my hosts warned me hat there’s very little between Limerick and Wood Mountain , so I’m carrying extra water, which means my pack is heavier than ever. But my feet don’t hurt and I seem to have recovered my stride. After three hours of walking–for once, I didn’t sleep late, and I was […]

04 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Eight

I woke up late this morning, feeling drained of energy despite my day off. I’ve been walking with leaden legs for two hours and I’m about halfway to Limerick. Highway 13 has a wide, flat paved shoulder and a gravel verge beside it that looks as if it’d be good for walking, but because it […]

03 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Seven

All I’ve done in Assiniboia today is eat and sleep. And laundry. That’s what rest days are for. It’s hot again today and I’m glad I’m not out on the highway. Tomorrow will be a shorter day, just 20 kilometres to Limerick. Sunday is supposed to be cooler, so I might try to finish the […]

02 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Six

I slept late this morning and got up stiff and sore and tired. There was coffee in the cupboard so I made a pot. That helped. And for once I enjoyed Ryvita and peanut butter, so I had a decent breakfast. On my way out of town, an old fellow I’d met at lunch yesterday […]

01 Aug 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Five

Since I came back from walking in Spain five years ago, I’ve played a little game with myself when driving down highways. It’s called, “Where Would You Camp?” I look for likely spots where one could sleep rough in comfort. Behind those bushes? On that rock cutting? Last night, I played the game for real: […]

31 Jul 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Four

It’s 2:30 in the afternoon. I’m leaning against a fragrant hay bale in a ditch beside Highway 2. I’ve walked 24 kilometres so far and hope to get to 35 before I stop for the day. It’s been a good day for walking, cooler than yesterday and cloudy, although now the sun is shining. I […]

30 Jul 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Three

Don’t believe Google when it tells you it’s only 70 kilometres to Moose Jaw. Maybe if you’re driving. If you’re walking on backroads, it’s more like 90. I’m as wiped as someone who’s walked 90 kilometres in three days can be. I have 160 kilometres left to go. I’ve been in the hotel–the fancy one–for […]

30 Jul 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day Two

Today was hard. It was hot and I was so thirsty. I may have underestimated how much water this walking requires. I can’t eat much without feeling bilious, and the iron rations in my pack have turned out to be unappealing. After 29 kilometres, I’ve stopped beside the Moose Jaw River to rest. It’s a […]

28 Jul 2018 | Reading and Walking

Wood Mountain Walk, Day One

I’m not prepared for this walk. Maybe that’s okay. I’ve always thought that the best way to get ready to do something was to do it. I did try a similar walk a few years ago, and it didn’t work out. But I learned from that experience. My pack is lighter, and my route is […]

26 Jul 2018 | Reading and Walking

Trespassing Across America and This Land Is Our Land

Ken Ilgunas was a cook in an Alaskan oil-field work camp when he had an idea. At least, his friend and fellow cook Liam had an idea. They were concerned about global warming and the part they were playing in what he calls “our country’s wrongheaded conception of ‘progress,'” and they were tossing around ideas […]

13 May 2018 | Reading and Walking

Apple TV Walk

Christine read Edward St. Aubyn’s Patrick Melrose books a while back, and when we learned that they were going to be turned into a TV series starring Benedict Cumberbatch, she wanted to see it. The series is carried by Crave in Canada, but we’ve had trouble with Crave’s app not working on our TV–so much […]

01 May 2018 | Reading and Walking

A Pennine Journey

September 1938. The Munich Crisis. Hitler is threatening to invade Czechoslovakia. Europe teeters on the brink of war. In England, people are forming civil defence units and preparing for the conflict that will begin if Hitler’s demands are not met by his deadline: October 1. And Alfred Wainwright, a clerk in the Blackburn Borough Engineering […]

29 Apr 2018 | Reading and Walking

Kittens and Pho Soup Walk

A lot has happened since the last time I posted anything here. I found a new job. I quit that job to return to school. Now I’m in a PhD program, focused on walking as an aesthetic practice. And my little sister died. I never intended for eight months to pass between blog posts, but […]

02 Aug 2017 | Reading and Walking

Another Training Walk

We leave today for Swift Current and the long walk to Battleford. Yesterday I had one last chance to walk with everything I’ll be carrying in my pack, and I took it. I had to visit the credit union, so I took a slightly different route from Sunday, and I walked the loop counterclockwise instead […]

30 Jul 2017 | Reading and Walking

30 Degree Training Walk

When you’re on a long walk, you take what comes. If it’s hot, you walk. If it’s cold, you walk. If it’s raining, you walk. There are alternatives–taking a day off, although there’s no guarantee the following day’s weather will be any different, or catching a lift or taking a bus, something that’s hard to […]