28 Jul 2014 | daily rounds


ON the OFF-CHANCE is a year-long project, taking place at home and away from 10 August 2014 until the Blue Moon on 31 July 2015. Essentially it involves using the doorstep and the letter box as points of contact and meeting. If you would like to join i...

26 Apr 2014 | daily rounds

daily rounds 2014-04-26 14:39:00

TRAVELLING LIGHTASHLYN WOODS24 hours between noon saturday and noon sunday 7/8 juneImagine yourself tramping the land. You have a bivvy bag and it is getting dark. You must seek out a sleeping spot and make sufficient shelter for the night with what yo...

16 Aug 2013 | daily rounds

more news!

A NEW VOLUME from GO TOGETHER PRESS for which I have been one of the production team RAILTRACKS Anne Michaels and John Berger with photographs by Tereza Stehlikova available exclusively from the l...

16 Aug 2013 | daily rounds


MONDAY 10 OCTOBER BBC 4 9PM British CeramicsThis programme SHOULD include pictures and words from me in the Pavilion earlier this year (even at this late stage the Director, David Vincent, is not ABSOLUTELY certain!)

16 Aug 2013 | daily rounds


Kettle's Yard: FOUND A Garage Salewith a star-studded programme of artistic and literary events 17 - 22 May 2011 Tuesday-Saturday 10-6pm Sunday 12-5pm The Brompton Garage, 1 North Terrace, London, SW3 2BA (Neares...

16 Aug 2013 | daily rounds

about walking about 15th May

three of us who met at Winter School in Glasgow earlier this year are walking together apart today. In Portland, Oregon, U.S., London, England and Grantchester, England, Lilian Gael, Richard Layzell and material woman have synchronised their timepieces...