16 May 2019

Participate in Sound Walk Sunday 2019

The second edition of Sound Walk Sunday will take place on Sunday 1st September 2019, and will be the start of a global week-long festival of sound walking events and performances, celebrating outdoor audio, geo-located, immersive performances, listening walks and sound walks.

15 May 2019

June 7: Exploring with Sound Walks

In preparation for the upcoming Sound Walk Sunday in September, the British Library, together with the Museum of Walking, is hosting Exploring with Sound Walks on June 7, 2019.

25 Nov 2017

Fresh additions

It’s not been hours since going live, and here are the latest additions to I am the Walker . com. … More

09 Jun 2017 | Kompl

Sponsor a city, any city

With the release of version 4 of Kompl, we’re opening up the inclusion of featured cities. You or your company can pick any city and sponsor it for inclusion. You like Kompl, but you don’t like that your favourite city is not included? Now, any and every city on the globe can be included. SponsorshipRead more about Sponsor a city, any city[...]

07 Jun 2017 | Kompl

We felt the need, the need for speed

Plenty of streamlining, some sweet beautification, and a snappy interface. Version 4 of Kompl has hit both the iOS and Android app stores. With this version, Kompl for Android has also moved out of beta. Champagne! We’ve slimmed down our feature set, putting more emphasis on collecting and hunting for venues, in order to upgradeRead more about We felt the need, the need for speed[...]

02 Jun 2017 | Kompl

To infinity, and beyond

We’re working on some exciting updates, which will also see our Android version come out of beta. Part of the update sees our compass view being livened up with infinite map-related patterns, for which we’ve commissioned several artists. Artists that helped us out come from Europe, Asia and Latin America. A few we like to highlight: Monika AngelevskaRead more about To infinity, and beyond[...]

13 Apr 2017 | Kompl

Kompl beta available for Android

What? You thought your cool Android phone would be left out? Never! Download Kompl for Android now. Kompl is now available for nearly 12000 Android devices. Yours is probably on the list. Now you can get lost and ‘play the city’ with Kompl on your lovely Android phone. Download Kompl and give us a try.Read more about Kompl beta available for Android[...]

21 Mar 2017 | Kompl

Faster, better, stronger; download for iOS

We’ve improved performance and completely redesigned the app, making functionalities more accessible and intuitive to use. Now available for iOS, in version 3 of Kompl we streamlined the interface, while also making it more edgy. All functionalities are now easier to access, while we delightfully squashed a bunch of bugs in the process. We’ve included aRead more about Faster, better, stronger; download for iOS[...]

15 Jan 2017 | Kompl

We now cover Havana, Sydney, Auckland and Dublin

With the inclusion of Sydney and Auckland, we’re now covering cities on all continents (that have cities). Havana, with Cuba slowly opening up, is a great city to explore with Kompl, either physically or virtually. And Dublin, of course, is one of Europe’s hidden gems. Shortly before our next major release, we wanted to include theRead more about We now cover Havana, Sydney, Auckland and Dublin[...]

13 Jan 2017 | Kompl

Version 3 is coming, sign up for the iOS beta

Our next major update is just around the corner. Sign up for our iOS beta. We’re streamlining everything; exposing more information, allowing for more configuration, and making using the app easier all around. We’ve squashed a bunch of bugs in the process as well, while rethinking the user interface. In short, this is our biggest update, yet!Read more about Version 3 is coming, sign up for the iOS beta[...]

23 Dec 2016 | Kompl

San Francisco, Brussels, Prague, Rio and Lahore now featured in Kompl

It’s our Christmas present to you. Five new cities on three continents are now also featured in Kompl. San Francisco in the US, Rio in Brazil, Brussels in Belgium,Prague in the Czech Republic and Lahore in Pakistan are all now also featured cities in Kompl. Just in time for the new year, we’ve added fiveRead more about San Francisco, Brussels, Prague, Rio and Lahore now featured in Kompl[...]

19 Dec 2016 | Kompl

Exploring the royal mountain

Kompl has added support for Montreal. Possibly the most culturally diverse city in Canada, Kompl has now added support for “la ville aux cent clochers”, Montreal. A ‘clocher’ is a steeple and, as Mark Twain noted, “This is the first time I was ever in a city where you couldn’t throw a brick without breakingRead more about Exploring the royal mountain[...]

15 Dec 2016 | Kompl

Kompl at INTERFACE/LANDSCAPE 2016 New Media Exhibition

Kompl is one of the projects on show at the INTERFACE/LANDSCAPE 2016 New Media Exhibition at Ithaca College. Every year, Ithaca College is host to the Finger Lakes Environmental Film Festival, FLEFF. It embraces and interrogates sustainability across all of its forms: economic, social, ecological, political, cultural, technological, and aesthetic. Now in its 20th year, thisRead more about Kompl at INTERFACE/LANDSCAPE 2016 New Media Exhibition[...]