02 Feb 2019 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Seas

Snow walk – Lower Coleford

--> Snow walkBright low sun; dark shadows stretch out crisscrossing the fields.  I’ve walked here many times but the snow brings a freshness to the eye.In snow you walk differently, pushing feet into soft snow, a dulled muffled crunching underneath, dragging up snow to expose fresh grass and earth.  It’s harder work. Today's must be four to five inches deep; deeper where the wind has banked up the snow against hedges in small mounds. Shall I follow other foot-printed paths ...

09 Nov 2018 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Seas


 Solo Show with Cadogan ContemporaryDec 3 - 21st 2018for more information go to the link: https://www.cadogancontemporary.com/exhibition/janette-kerr-north/Showing new work from the Arctic and Shetland

17 Nov 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Shetland: November 16th – Walking in a Westerly – increasing to severe gale force at times

--> I wake and lie in the warmth listening to the wind bashing about the house.  Woken several times last night as the wind started to make its presence felt I’m in no hurry to get up. Looking out I can tell it’s a Westerly. Waves below the house are racing out towards the sea beyond the voe.  The sparrows are desperately battling across the track to reach the sunflower seeds I’ve strewn underneath the window. Rain sweeps in. Check the weather forecast: 'Blustery wintry...

22 Oct 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Endings – 17/18 October 2017 – back to the begining

Monday 17/10/2016  8°C, light wind 2m/s, overcast, low fog. Sunrise 10:49 - Sunset 16:34 Early morning we take leave ofPyramiden. In dark grey green sea ruffled by a light wind, I watch the glimmer of dawn appear over mountain tops, the moon still hanging above us. I stand on deck watching mountains and glaciers passing, and the last time most of us will pass this way for a while. We are all subdued. A few hours later we sail into Longyearbyen and moor up. 78°13.7´N, 015°36....

16 Oct 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

16 Oct 2016 – Pryamiden and the furthest north Lenin

Sunday 16/10/2016  -2°C, 5m/s. Sunrise 10:39 - Sunset 16:45.Late Saturday night we arrive and anchor close to Pyramiden 78°39.2´N, 16°22.9´E.Emerging onto an icy deck in crisp blue morning light, the moon still hangs over a now completely calm sea. In front of us the abandoned Russian settlement of Pyramiden sits silently at the foot of the snow-capped Pyramid Mountain. Once a model coal mining town until the fall of the Soviet Union in the late 1980s, it still bears the scars o...

19 Jul 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Leaving Isfjorden and man over board

Saturday 15/10/2016  -3°C, 10m/s; Sunrise 10:29 – Sunset 16:55  There’s quite a swell at the entrance of Isfjorden as we take our early morning leave and continue south. We help to raise the sails and it’s certainly quieter and smoother than last night. Dark until mid-morning and much colder, ice lies over the deck. The light changes fast. We travel in grey black sea, bruised pink clouds hang over snow-covered mountains, the usual mist drifting over peaks. We pass all th...

03 Jul 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Fjortende Julibukta: wind-blown boat-rocked rain-spattered

--> Friday 14/10/2016  Fjortende Julibukta  4°C, 7m/s. Sunrise 10:20 – Sunset 17:04.Morning; grey gloomy light from an overcast sky. Grey green blue black sea a slightly swelling disturbed surface. Small chunks of glacier ice litter the sea. It rains all morning, so any thoughts of kite flying are abandoned (again) despite wind whipping across the water. We land and on shore I find a wooden structure - a make shift table; laying out my sketchbook and drawing materials...

13 Jun 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Arctic Air – an absolute difficult beauty

This work represents my initial responses to the experience of travelling in the High Arctic. It includes drawings, watercolour drawings, photographs and a film & sound piece of the sound of ancient air being released from glacial ice made in collaboration with my son Tom Poole-Kerr.These are on show at the RWA, Bristol until August 20th 2017. For those of you who can't make this here are some of images of the work - photographs, drawings and paintings - in the exhibition The work represents i...

23 May 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Arctic Post – Thurs 13th Oct Fuglefjorden – how darkness and light are bound together

--> Thursday 13.10.2016 Fuglefjorden - how darkness and light are bound together-2°C, 3m/s. Sunrise 10:11 sunset 17.15. 9-10 m/sA pre-breakfast Zodiac trip has been planned; it’s still dark when I arrive on deck. Can’t see any stars yet, a luminous green sea and dark land mass is silhouetted against the sky. The group of early-morning risers clamber into the Zodiacs, and travel out into a sea of ice, leaning out to push large chunks of looming icebergs out of the way. The sea and i...

01 May 2017 | Janette Kerr: Extreme Wave Theory Project

Arctic log: Wednesday 12th October, Smeerenburg – Walrus, wonder and whaling (with added bits)

Wednesday 12.10.2016 Smeerenburg 79°43,7´N, 011°00.5´E, 2°C8m/s, wind picking up. Sunrise 10:02 – Sunset 17:23. I wake early and peer out of my porthole; still dark, there is now 22 minutes less daylight. I can just make out coastline and mountains. It’s raining; depressing, it shouldn’t be. What is happening to our climate? We move a short distance closer to the island of Smeerenburg, and there’s the usual scramble for equipment and to board the zodiac for th...