25 Jul 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 48

Aldershot to Westdale, OntarioIt's mid-summer, and hot, and my feet hurt on the pavement. There are a lot of old cemeteries around the western tip of Lake Ontario, and big trees. The cicadas hum, and the traffic mumbles, and the wildflowers bloom, and the lake is as high as it's ever been. Crossing under the highway at the Desjardins canal, past the flooded fishway, I take the trail along Coote's Paradise to Princess Point, and up into the neighbourhoods, ending with an iced latte at the Bean Ba [...]

17 Jul 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 47

University to College, Lethbridge, AlbertaFrom the west side to the south side of town. New institutional design barriers caused false starts and extra hills and stairs at the beginning of the walk, but once I was on the trail down to the Old Man River it was easy going. I was lost in thought much of the way, not paying much attention to my surroundings except when I purposely stopped to look, and take a photo. I'm always surprised by how dramatic and beautiful the landscape is right here in the [...]

05 Jul 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 46

Swiftcurrent Lake, Glacier National Park, MontanaA walk around a lake in the mountains with an old friend is fine way to spend the morning. It was a slow walk, with lots of pauses and conversation, and not much for wildlife except a big hare who was still half white - winter colours stay late up here near the glaciers. We did see a grazing grizzly bear in the middle distance from the car on the way home. Location: Swiftcurrent Lake trail, Many Glacier, Glacier National Park, Montan [...]

30 Jun 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 45

Elkwater, AlbertaA perfect summer day. The campgrounds are full, and Elkwater Lake beach is crowded. The trails weaving through the hills and valleys above the town, however, are almost empty - cool, shady, green, and quiet. There are only a few mountain bikers, red squirrels, and maybe an unseen cougar in the trees. I think about tree-bathing: it certainly feels good, even nourishing, to be in the forest. Location: Elkwater, Cypress Hills Interprovincial Park, AlbertaLength: 5 kmCo [...]

12 Jun 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 44

Kokanee Creek, BCWith a morning coffee and pastry in my backpack, I walked up the Canyon Trail in between the noisy creek and the silent trees.  This region is where the legend of the Sasquatch lives, and I like the idea of these large, intelligent beings living in the mountains and eluding all human contact. I had my breakfast on an overhang gazing down at the rushing, tumbling water. It wasn't until I was almost back to the road that I realized I had left a paper wrapper behind, and hiked [...]

08 Jun 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 43

Shore Walk, Gabriola Island, British ColumbiaMy lungs open and my heart softens when I'm in a place like this. The air smells like salt and seaweed, and there's a small cool breeze. The tide is coming in. There's a fierce confusion of waves just off shore, where an inlet rushes in from around the island and tumbles over the current. A trail through the woods, along the shore, then picking my way back among the rocks, driftwood, barnacles and sea plants.  I wish I could stay longer. [...]

05 Jun 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 42

Stanley Park, Vancouver, BCFrom getting off the bus in Stanley Park to stepping onto the water taxi going to Granville Island, this is the middle walk in full day of walking and talking and pausing and post-conference decompressing. We walk through the shady forest of Stanley Park, so green and ferny and mossy and calm, and out to the beaches. Scrambling and ambling along the beaches is the slowest and most delightful bit. The hidden shore at low tide, the crabs and clams, the beach treasures; a [...]

30 May 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 41

Flathead Lake, Montana "Enjoy walking like you enjoy eating."  -  Anam Thubten Rinpoche, on walking meditation.Location: Flathead Lake silent meditation retreat, MontanaLength: 3 kmCompanions: Troy & othersDate: 30 May, 2019 [...]

18 May 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 40

Copenhagen, DenmarkOne last walk around Copenhagen with many stops:-Early on, for coffee in the sun on a pedestrian street near the library.-At Nyhavn to photograph the over-photographed canal houses and boats, visit Trine Fournais pottery shop, and use the cleanest public bathroom I've ever seen.-On the Inderhavnsbroen new bike and footbridge across the harbour to admire the view and the architecture.-At an exhibit by Faroese painter Anker Mortensen.-To eat a picnic lunch harbourside and watch [...]

16 May 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 39

Lund, SwedenI left the conference at the university to go for a walk around town. Wandered through the Botanical Gardens, with its blooms and interesting trees and people soaking up the sun; then along the famous cobblestone streets lined with very tidy, very old small houses, until I found downtown. Dipped into the thousand-year-old Lund Cathedral for a few minutes, and continued on around the town. I've been here such a short time, but there are some things I really like about Sweden:  th [...]

13 May 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 38

Anti-dérive, Copenhagen, DenmarkThe dérive, or drift, is a kind of urban walk in which the walker aimlessly wanders the city, following no map, visiting off-limits spaces, getting to know the hidden, unseen, and neglected parts of the city.*  With only one day in Copenhagen my walk was the exact opposite.  I followed a tourist map's self-guided walking tour though the most scenic and well-known parts of the old centre of town. The dotted line on the map took me past canal [...]

24 Apr 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 37

The Flats, Medicine Hat, AlbertaMorning walk to Medalta. Downtown coffee, graffitied tunnel under the railway tracks. Through the Flats, getting lost as always on streets that bend in unexpected ways. Industrial Ave. to the old manufacturing part of town, where they used to make dishes and crocks and bricks. Clay-filled hills rise up all around, like an arm hugging this neighbourhood close to the river. Work day much improved by walking there. Location: Downtown to Medalta, Medicine [...]

21 Apr 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 36

River Valley Park, Redcliff, AlbertaA sunny Sunday walk down by the river sandwiched into a full weekend, sharing the trail with dogs, horses, walkers, cyclists. Spring comes comes slowly here, but it comes to the river valley first. Location: River Valley Park, Redcliff, AlbertaLength: 3 kmCompanions: Heather, Daryle, TomDate: 21 April, 2019 [...]

28 Mar 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 35

Medalta to IXL, Medicine Hat, AlbertaExploring the trail system behind Medalta on a sunny spring day. Everything is brown, but the deer and the rabbits are out grazing. The mud is drying. Ross Creek, a tributary to the nearby South Saskatchewan River, is running cheerfully. It is so good to walk free of snow and ice and mud. Location: Medalta Potteries to I-XL Brickworks, Medicine Hat, AlbertaLength: 2 kmCompanions: NoneDate: 28 March, 2019 [...]

16 Mar 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 34

Oil Change Walk, Medicine Hat, AlbertaI had an hour to kill while I had my oil changed.I had an hour to wait while I had my oil changed.I had an hour to explore and move and get some fresh air and think while I had my oil changed. Location: Medicine Hat, AlbertaLength: 5 kmCompanions: NoneDate: 15 March, 2019 [...]

10 Mar 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 33

Snowshoe Walk, Boulder, MontanaThe snow is deep, the sky is blue, the sun is out, it’s a perfect day for a walk on snowshoes. The contours of the land are soft and shadowed under sparkling snow, and the pine covered hills rise up all around the valley. We followed paths made by humans and by deer, first heading face-first into a small but cold easterly breeze, then turning our backs to the wind and climbing the hill to the old concrete hotsprings catchment. There were tracks of birds and w [...]

03 Mar 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 32

Coulee Walk, Lethbridge, ABIt warmed up to minus fifteen last week, but this weekend it was back to -30°C.  We bundled up and went out anyway. A sunny day, with that cold, hard brightness that is invigorating. We did a loop from Fort Whoop-Up on well-maintained trails. They seem to plow the park trails more than the streets or sidewalks in Lethbridge. A train passed over the trestle bridge 95 meters above our heads. The Oldman River was mostly frozen, but a couple dozen geese were huddl [...]

13 Feb 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 31

Isla Mujeres, México It rained all day. But it's warm enough, so I went for a three hour walk in the rain. Isla Mujeres is only 7km long and less than 1km wide, and lies between the Gulf of México and the Caribbean Sea. The waves washing up on all sides, the saltwater lagoons in the interior, and the rain running down the rooftops and flooding the streets, all make it seem as if this island is only barely land. It belongs to the water.I walked through the interior of m [...]

05 Feb 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 30

Random Walk, Mérida, MéxicoIt wasn't a walk in any intentional sense, just going about my business today on foot as usual. Even in my short time here, I'm starting to run into people I know as I walk around town, including my new amigo Asunción. Pink houses are everywhere, even though Mérida is known as the white city. Nostalgia is beginning to creep into my days. Location: Mérida, MéxicoLength: 6 kmCompanions: NoneDate: 5 Febrero, 2019 [...]

28 Jan 2019 | pedestrian - Pedestrian Blog

Fifty Walks: 29

Daily Walk, Mérida, MéxicoAdvice for the morning walk through Itzimná:  Stay on the shady side of the street. Watch out for big holes in the sidewalk, and low-hanging awnings and trees. Say buenos días to the people your pass. Make friends with the security guards. Take your time crossing Avenidas Pérez Ponce, Jose Diaz Bolio, and Circuito Colonias. Notice the street dogs who hang out in the vacant lot beside the business school with its garden of henequ&e [...]