25 Jan 2019 | rdb notes

Brexit preparations

M Thatcher, who went on to commit damage to our country that rivalled D Cameron's, was once vilified for stockpiling groceries in anticipation of upcoming food shortages [1974], which she countered was nothing more than good housekeeping. “I am just...

13 Sep 2018 | rdb notes


This post is tiresomely long: you may care to jump ahead to a point of interest [sic]. Images will be clearer if clicked upon. IntroductionThe Welsh in HuddersfieldRegistrationWhat is Psychogeography?Boundary no boundaryNew slices through old placesTh...

12 Jul 2018 | rdb notes

The Worst Things About Aberystwyth

I've made an alphabetical list of the worst things about Aberystwyth. Arriva Trains Wales rail-replacement buses Beach litter Closure of the Post Office Cycling Cefn Llan (up or down) Jellyfish Mobile phone coverage Municipal treatment of the C...

05 Jul 2018 | rdb notes

Not the Lambeth Walk

An impromptu stroll through Camden after a visit to the (highly recommended) Crick Institute. A Camden stroll is not a Lambeth walk. It's a strange land: you pass through Somers Town where the population are fighting a rearguard action against a tribe...

09 May 2018 | rdb notes

Ddoe roedden ni Cadair Idris

Well, last Monday actually, not yesterday. A notable trip because We've lived down the road from Cadiar for more than 7 years and driven past it umpteen times, saying "One day ... ". It's astounding and everyone says so. To my inadequate mind much ...

23 Feb 2018 | rdb notes

Terminalia 2018

Collected pictures may be seen. A partyof 25 or so gathered to celebrate Terminalia in Aberystywth. This attendance was more than 6 times greater than last year's hardy numbers. As the Frau remarked - "Bugger me Rog, carry on like this and you'll nee...

08 Jan 2018 | rdb notes

In Percy Pilcher’s wingsteps

Some time ago, in Leeds, I went to a jolly intersting talk by a sociologist. I'm ashamed to say I have forgotten his name, title, and all other useful details. His broad topic was Louis le Prince (one of my heroes) and his claim to be the first to ...

29 Oct 2017 | rdb notes

An October anabasis

There is a campaign to record all the SY23 postboxes since the LBSG records can sometimes be unreliable. An October opportunity gave a bike-borne chance to pinpoint some of the remoter instances up toward Cwmsymlog, but the highlight was without doubt...

21 Sep 2017 | rdb notes


An ad hoc trip to Oswestry (Croesowallt), which spun some interesting surprises. There is no rail station in Oswestry, but there were once two, separated by 50 yards. It was a big rail town, now teeming with relics. Apparently people have been doing...

18 Jul 2017 | rdb notes

The Hartpury bee shelter

A deviant route from Aberystwyth (Welsh: mouth of the wiggly river) to Wokingham ('Wocca's people's home') can take you past the Hartpury Bee Shelter. It's down a road beside Hartpury church, some way from the village. Not perhaps a 21st century app...

13 Jun 2017 | rdb notes

Discreet history in Catalonia

During an extended stay in Catalonia in and around several sites heavily involved in the Civil War, we found memorials few and understated (although, to my eye, Catalonian sympathies were pretty clear). In the scale of things, that ghastly business is...

02 May 2017 | rdb notes

The Celtic Challenge

I think the Celtic Challengemust be one of the most undersung endurance tests I have witnessed. Open boats (Celtic longboats) are rowed by crews of 4 and cox from Arklow to Aberystwyth; journey time is between 18 and 30 hours, with teams of 12 spellin...

12 Apr 2017 | rdb notes

PAU Canolfan Chwaraeon/Sports Centre

Three helpful people staff the reception desk. Me: Do the lockers take the new pound coin?Person 1: Yes.Person 2: I don't know.Person 3: The man from the company came and did something to all the locks a few weeks ago. So they might.

26 Jan 2017 | rdb notes

Great Expectations of Newcastle Emlyn

It was one of those days when the sun shines hot and the wind blows cold: when it is summer in the light, and winter in the shade. Newcastle Emlyn - Castellnewydd Emlyn yn Gymraeg - means "new castle"; "Emlyn" was one of the seven cantrefi of Dyfed. It...

29 Jul 2016 | rdb notes

Conveyancing in the UK

I'm gonna buy a field and erect a wire fence and public seating around it. I'm gonna buy some lions. When the lions are really really hungry, I'm gonna feed them solicitors and estate agents. Book early to avoid disappointment.