29 Jul 2016 | rdb notes

Conveyancing in the UK

I'm gonna buy a field and erect a wire fence and public seating around it. I'm gonna buy some lions. When the lions are really really hungry, I'm gonna feed them solicitors and estate agents. Book early to avoid disappointment.

15 Jun 2016 | rdb notes

Tempers snap in Ceredigion

Never known for their peace-making tendencies, Euro-friendly inhabitants of Ceredigion snapped into vigilante action yesterday. Outraged beyond measure by a morning wireless interview with Trevor Kavanagh, Editor [sic] of the Sun newspaper [sic] on th...

11 Jan 2016 | rdb notes

Time – He’s waiting in the wings

The BBC write: The Vatican's chief spokesman on cultural matters, Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi, tweeted lyrics to Space Oddity in tribute to Bowie while Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby said he was "very very saddened to hear of his death". Well how...

01 Dec 2015 | rdb notes

Llawr Sglefrio Caersŵs [Caersws Ice Rink]

Gwerddon yn yr anialwch iâ Cymreig (An oasis in the Welsh ice desert) Leaflets have been everywhere in Aberystwyth advertising the new Caersws Ice Rink. We decided to go one night with our Dutch cleaner Grietje1as they had a promotion offering half-p...

02 Sep 2015 | rdb notes

A 2015 face recognition challenge

Robert Fripp in Aylesbury, 1st September 2015: a review Face recognition technologyhas come a long way, but given my own face, the best of systems would have matched at least half of the capacity audience at the Aylesbury Waterside last Tuesday evening...

26 Jul 2015 | rdb notes

The Ilala: paradise afloat on Lake Malawi

Planning my trip to Malawi, I found a description of the Ilala. "Oh Roger", said Kevin, "just look at the dents - you've got to go for a ride on that". We went for a ride on it, alright! Space really does not permit a full description of the Ilala ...

28 May 2015 | rdb notes

Things can only get better

While snacking with the Schwiegerfamilie in MGs, a party of sporty young men appear. One of them has a legend on the back of his t-shirt: Tro Tawe 'di trefnu eleniMae Bangor yn trio bo'n ffyniMae Caerdydd yn snobsCaerfyddin yn nobsBydd Aber yn ennill...

24 Apr 2015 | rdb notes

rdb notes 2015-04-24 14:04:00

To Manchester, with 4 clear porpoises; To attend the Mount Sion steam crane on the Manchester, Bolton and Bury canal near Radcliffe. A wholly successful mission - the crane is present but looks unloved. To attend the very well preserved remains of a...

20 Mar 2015 | rdb notes

Art Deco in Abergavenny/Dead dogs

I was able to use Dirty Protest's Cardiff performance of my play Mae Ben wedi marw (tr. Ben is dead) as cover for a trip to Abergavenny to see their 24-carat branch of Burtons. These panoramic views are anomalous as the building is in fact apical. T...

16 Mar 2015 | rdb notes

Re-enacting the battle of Edgehill

Circumstance permitted me to attempt a one-man re-enactment of the battle of Edgehill (Warwickshire, 23rd October 1642) on March 13th. It remains very easy to capture a panoramic view of the battlefield. Full accounts of manoeuvres can be read in a hu...