31 Aug 2019 | Richard White

After Auschwitz

Upcoming London exhibition with Lorna Brunstein at Hundred Years Gallery. Installation films/recorded live performance, assembled artefacts photography.  ‘After Auschwitz’ is an immersive multi-media installation reflecting on the impact of the two visits to the Death Camp. It features soil gathered … Continue reading →

25 May 2019 | Richard White

(dis)enchantments and perambulations….

(dis)enchantments and perambulations: walking arts and reluctant heritageTwo walks and two events forming a ‘public’ viva for my creative-practice-as-research PhD submission exploring walking/multimedia arts and reluctant heritage. The walks retrace routes from two projects, Sweet Waters and Honouring Esther forming … Continue reading →

07 May 2019 | Richard White

Relational Intelligence

Relational Intelligence: A Contact Improvisation and Ensemble Improvisation Skills Workshopby Nita Little When bodies meet, intelligence is found in the quality of touch, the organization of physical forms, the ability to share the physics of motion, timing, and the giving … Continue reading →

01 Apr 2019 | Richard White


Exhibition and workshops in Stroud I am showing work here alongside Walking the Land artists and offering a short textual intervention with the Space, Place, Practice research group. We give the idea of enchantment ‘a good frisk’, according to one … Continue reading →

14 Jan 2019 | Richard White

Enchantment and re-enchantment

to start the year lets begin here with a different map  asked what does re-enchantment mean to me…and it turns to a rant I challenge the notion of re-enchantment!   To me re-enchantment speaks of an anthropocentric ecology reflecting modern … Continue reading →

10 Sep 2017 | Richard White

Sweet Waters: Soundings

Sweet Waters: Soundings from the walks Saturday 21 October from 13.00-16.00 Saltford Brass Mill The Shallows Saltford BS31 3EY an installation in sound and images Responses and resonances sense-ing legacies of slave-ownership in Bath and along the River Avon….visit the … Continue reading →

15 Apr 2017 | Forced Walks

Cut Flowers

Cut Flowers at the Beaumont Gallery, Mere currently features work from the Forced Walks: Honouring Esther collection. Cut Flowers runs until Sunday April 23. In addition to work from Lorna’s practice exploring inherited trauma, the exhibition includes the Honouring Esther … Continue reading →

25 Feb 2017 | Richard White

Crying at the Bus Stop

Crying at the Bus Stop Test of provocation for opening session of Remora: Contextualising Creative research A symposium at Bath Spa University Thursday 23 Feb 2017 In a time of post truth, fake news and alternative facts its important to … Continue reading →

19 Jan 2017 | Forced Walks

Esther Brunstein

Esther Brunstein, the Esther we honour in this project and series of walks, the Esther who has been our inspiration throughout, died earlier this week. The closing exhibition of the Honouring Esther project is deliberately timed around the Holocaust Memorial … Continue reading →

15 Oct 2016 | Forced Walks

Honouring Esther: End of Project Exhibition

Richard White and Lorna Brunstein present documentation and new work from two walks hosted by the artists in Germany and England Frome to Bath 2015 on the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Belsen Ovelgonne to Belsen 2016 on the … Continue reading →

26 Aug 2016 | Richard White

Tyntesfield recuperated, a purchase betrayed.

Disconcerting visit to the National Trust property at Tyntesfield yesterday. Where once this was a fascinating time capsule slowly being catalogued and, I thought, somehow carefully resealed in viewable form it has been given an old school National Trust make-over. … Continue reading →

07 Aug 2016 | Richard White

Bath: the plaqued and the unplaqued

Beagles in the basement, stopped and searched on Bath’s Royal Crescent, an elopement, plaques, parties and hollow pillars. A disenchanted walk across the city, rattling railings. Setting off from the gallery where the red glow room call to our humanity … Continue reading →

18 May 2016 | Richard White

The Finest View in Europe.

“The road from the little village of Bath to the Fountain of the Medicinal Spring, is most horribly romantic, and partakes very much of those anticipations of the sublime of Nature, which, in his progress through particular vallies, the traveller … Continue reading →