09 Jul 2018 | walkinglandscapes.com

Talk in Halle: Multilocality and urban-rural meshworks

In my talk „Das Land als Sphäre der Verortung einer multilokalen Gesellschaft?“ during the conference “Gutes Leben auf dem Land” (July 5, 2018) I presented my thoughts on new interdependencies between urban and rural spaces initiated through new forms of being “en route”. I understand multilocality as a result of structural necessity, action capacity and […]

21 Feb 2018 | walkinglandscapes.com

Speaking at Urban Future Global Conference 2018, Vienna

How can we sustainably transform cities? How could a landscape strategy look like? Henrik will present his findings on co-creative, strategic approaches in the session „Building sustainability“ at 2018 Urban Future Global Conference in Vienna. In this context he will present the brand new broschure of the project „Perspektivplan Freiburg“, together with Oliver Seidel, cityförster. […]

10 Jul 2017 | walkinglandscapes.com

Innovation walks for LEAD Academy

Last Friday I sent twenty participants of the LEAD Academy on their ways to explore their innovation strategies while walking Berlin. The newly formed Office For Applied Intuition (OFAI) ran a training course “Intuition+Ratio=Innovation”. I designed and facilitated walks fostering movement as crucial part of innovation processes. “One of the most inspiring trainings I´ve ever […]

30 Jun 2017 | walkinglandscapes.com

Inspiring first Walking Workshop in Munich

On May 16, 30 people from the North of Munich met 30 international landscape experts from “LeNotre Landscape Forum” and walked Munich´s open spaces together. I came up with a route and introduced a set of rules (to walk in silence, to keep ten steps distance…) to inspire an intense engagement with the urban landscape. […]

31 Oct 2016 | walkinglandscapes.com

Will urbanizing Shenzhen be walkable in the future?

Walkable and multidimensional public space is key to sustainable urban villages, especially in the rapidly urbanising city of Shenzhen, China. In his talk at this year meeting of the alumni of “Zukunftsbrücke. Chinese-German young professional campus”, Shi Jian, curator and strategy director of ISREADING CULTURE Beijing, presented a fascinating analysis of urban growth in Shenzhen […]

21 Sep 2016 | walkinglandscapes.com

Talk at ECLAS: Engaging with the object of research

How can we understand landscape as complex, ever changing object without simplifying it or isolating aspects? How can researchers understand particularities and ephemeral aspects of landscapes? To these questions I proposed answers in my talk at ECLAS-Conference in Rapperswill. For the participants of the Doctoral Colloquium I try to specify what design research could look […]

31 Aug 2016 | walkinglandscapes.com

“Walk the valley. Design the valley.”

Teaching at summerschool “Update Wolfach”: Students from different disciplinary backgrounds met in the lovely black forest Kirnbach-valley for 9 days and found designs for landscapes of the future. I contributed with my experiences on walking and designing. The summerschool was organised by Prof. Gothe (KIT), Prof. Antje Stokman (Uni Stuttgart), Prof. Dr. Küster (LUH, Hannover), […]