01 Oct 2018 | Tracey M Benson

9 Rivers : Stream of consciousness

Originally posted on 9 Rivers: The 9 Rivers group is very pleased to announce that our first project, titled “Stream of consciousness” will be installed in Lierstranda in October. Concept In literary criticism, stream of consciousness is a narrative mode or method that attempts to depict the multitudinous thoughts and feelings that pass through the mind.…

29 Sep 2018 | Radical Stroud

World War 1 – Blue Plaques Walk

STROUD RADICAL HISTORY: ALTERNATIVE HERITAGE WALK, Friday 12 October 2018 World War 1 - Blue Plaques Walk, commemorating those who fell in a foreign field, and those who died at home from their injuries, remembering fallen soldiers and also conscie...

21 Sep 2018 | Mindy Goose

Exhibition – The Story of a Lost Toy

click on the image above to find out more about the event On 29th September until 13th October, I will be showing the culmination of a year of collecting tennis balls. Images of discarded and destroyed tennis balls that is!  Hosted at the Union Coffee ...

06 Sep 2018 | Radical Stroud

For the Love of a Chartist

PRESS RELEASE FOR THE LOVE OF A CHARTIST STROUD THEATRE FESTIVAL Chartism was a working class movement of the 1830s and 40s that wanted to establish democracy in the country, at a time when only the aristocracy and middle class men had the vote. It...

19 Aug 2018 | Radical Stroud

Chip Shop Walk

Chip Shop Hop A group of us gathered at the corner Bath Road and Frome Park Road, initially in search of the legendary Rodborough Chip Machine http://radicalstroud.co.uk/the-face-that-launched-thousand-chips/ We then flexibly followed the score fr...

07 Jul 2018 | Radical Stroud

Rodborough Walk

We followed the old way out of Rodborough, taking Kingscourt Road to follow the 1300 Manor boundary. A route of old farmsteads, vanished feudal obligations and lost names. De Rodboroughs and Gastrells, Achards and the Cynnes. Red valerian and plump r...

25 Jun 2018 | Tracey M Benson

Ancestral Journeys at ISEA 2018

If you are lucky enough to be heading over to Durban to ISEA2018, try and find some time to check out Ancestral Journeys, which is being included as part of the artistic program. To date, Ancestral Journeys has been presented at: CSIRO Discovery Centre 2018 (AU) SCANZ2018, Parihaka (NZ) RIXC Open Fields 2017, Riga (LV) […]

10 Jun 2018 | Radical Stroud

Alternative Heritage Walk

Radical Stroud’s June walk is a week-early Jo Cox Memorial Walk: Meet at Rodborough Church, Friday June 15th at 10; returning to the church at 1pm. We shall be investigating the medieval history of Rodborough from the days when it was still owned as pa...

06 Jun 2018 | Tracey M Benson

#365walk project

Earlier this year I made an ambitious claim about walking for at least 30 minutes a day and recording images from my walks. The project is titled #365walk and I am collecting images via my Instagram account in 2018. Incorporating regular walking into my creative practice has opened lots of different ways to imagine the […]

30 May 2018 | Radical Stroud

Synchronised Global Walking May 12th 2018

It was May the 12th, 2018, Synchronised walking was happening all over the globe Via a shared urban score: ‘Cities tend to start in the middle and spread outwards, thinning as they go… a familiar phenomenology … in the middle of things. But where ...

18 May 2018 | Radical Stroud

God Save Great Thomas Paine

Why, sirrah, and why, madam, hast thou not read thy Tom Paine? ‘Kings succeed each other not as rationals but as animals … an hereditary governor is as inconsistent as an hereditary author.’ And you needn’t visit Paris in this, the year of our Lord,...