25 Jan 2018 | Tracey M Benson

Ancient Journeys @ CSIRO Discovery Centre

My most recent works are on display at the CSIRO Discovery Centre until 2 March 2018. For international followers CSIRO means “Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.” The exhibition, Ancient Journeys: Waters of the Past expands on the Waters of the Past project and the bigger Words for Water project. I am having a closing […]

16 Dec 2017 | Radical Stroud

North and South

There, on the one hand, St. Pancras and Paris; And there, on the other, Kings Cross: Gateway to the LNER, And night mails crossing the border, And gateway to a world we have lost: Pit heads and winding gear, tram-roads and collieries, And curling...

21 Oct 2017 | Tracey M Benson

Waters of the Past @ RIXC Open Fields, Riga

Keywords migration, journeying, sustainability, augmented reality, place, ecology, art, identity Overview This presentation focuses on a project-in-progress titled Waters of the Past. The project has emerged from residencies in the Faroe Islands, Iceland, New Zealand and Norway in 2016-17. Waters of the Past explores the iconography of the sea and natural environment as a juxtaposition […]

12 Oct 2017 | Mindy Goose

Art, Access and Urban Walking

On Saturday 7th October, I led a walk as part of the Love Arts Festival 2017 programme. The ‘Art, Access and Urban Walking’ grew out of the walk I led as part of Jane’s Walk Leeds in May. The idea was to create conversation around acc...

13 Sep 2017 | Radical Stroud

Bristol Doors Open Days

Bristol Doors Open Days The Merchants’ Hall indocilis pauperiem pati ‘One who cannot learn to bear poverty’ What did I learn about our ‘Island Story’ On a squally September rain-swept day, At the Merchants’ Hall, and Redcliffe Caves? Well, we fo...

03 Sep 2017 | Radical Stroud

Stroud Fringe Walk: Place, Space and Time

Beneath the pavement, the beach! For here we have a line of houses called Streamside, And up there, beyond the Fountain pub, Lies Springfield Road and a plethora Of constant, subterranean springs, Springs! The genius loci of Stroud … We walked down La...

02 Jul 2017 | Dérive app

Join us for Dérive Day 2017

On 9 September 2017, explore your city with others around the world through randomly generated and synchronised tasks that are simultaneously drawn whether you’re in Rio or Rome, Kampala or Kuala Lumpur. After too long a hiatus, Dérive Day is back on S...