04 Oct 2019 | LucyFurLeaps

Cambridge Road Estate Tree Poems

Below are two of the poems I wrote specially for and read on Alison Fure’s Walk with Jane Soundwalk with the Museum of Walking back in September. There is another soundwalk taking place on Saturday 19th October from 10.30am. It is FREE but please book via the Walk with Jane website. See Alison’s blog for … Continue reading Cambridge Road Estate Tree Poems →

21 Aug 2019 | Radical Stroud

Peterloo and Revolution

REVOLUTION 1819-2019 This was the time when the age of Marx replaced that of Burke, The time when the ‘swinish multitude’ and ‘the mob’ became a working class, When there was not just the economic revolution of school textbooks, But also a presence...

28 Jul 2019 | Radical Stroud

Henry Hunt and Peterloo

‘With Henry Hunt, we’ll go my boys, With Henry Hunt, we’ll go, We’ll mount the Cap of Liberty, In spite of Nadin Joe. On the 16th day of August Eighteen hundred and nineteen, A meeting held in Peter’s Field Was glorious to be seen, Joe Nadin an...

16 Jul 2019 | LucyFurLeaps

Hogsmill Tiddlers

At the wooden bridge, beside the washing-willow, under frayed dare-devil rope-swing, we small-fry gather; splash-paddle in the sun-filled slipstream, our expectant jam jars perched ready on banks for contents of day-glo nets on bamboo poles, skim-dunked, dipped into laughing sparkle, we seek out elusive piscine lurkers, shoal-darters, minnow-school pretty-carpers, spike-backed silver-bellied sticklebacks, shimmer and shift … Continue reading Hogsmill Tiddlers →

08 Jul 2019 | LucyFurLeaps

Votes For Women! Annie Kenney and the 26 Armistice Project

Last year I was lucky enough to be part of a wonderful project by 26 and the Imperial War Museum: Armistice 100 Days. This ambitious project involved 100 writers each writing a centena – a specially created form of writing for the project – about someone who was alive during the First World War. Each … Continue reading Votes For Women! Annie Kenney and the 26 Armistice Project →

29 Jun 2019 | Radical Stroud

Radical Inns and Coffee Houses of London

Radical inns, taverns, alehouses, coffee houses, homes, houses, chapels, Institutes, debating clubs and Spencean ‘free and easies’ Derived from a reading of Radical Underworld by Ian McCalman, Radical Culture: Discourse, Resistance and Surveillance ...

02 Jun 2019 | Radical Stroud

The Life of Allen Davenport

Allen Davenport Prologue When you were there at the Hopkins Street political chapel, Or the Archer Street chapel in Soho, Or listening at the Mulberry Tree in Moorfields, In those months before the Cato Street Conspiracy, There, with Robert Wedde...

29 Apr 2019 | Radical Stroud

A Prehistory Trip to Stroud Museum

‘Museums make you more aware: Give You Sense Sensibility Knowledge A foothold in time Make you feel a part of it all’ It’s a right regular education When you visit Stroud Museum, To process through the rooms, On a trek to a prehistor...

17 Feb 2019 | Radical Stroud

A Wiltshire Town and Peterloo

I travelled on the GWR, Built not long after the Orator’s death, Passing through a mill-scape valley Known well by quondam colleague, William Cobbett, On past antique ridge and furrow fields, To Swindon, a town that I am sure Henry ‘Orator’ Hunt ...

05 Feb 2019 | Radical Stroud

Swinish Multitude

Edmund Burke ‘s Statue, Bristol, December 2018 Edmund Burke on the lower orders – ‘ a swinish multitude’ – ‘Along with its natural protectors and guardians, learning will be cast into the mire, and trodden down under the hoofs of a swinish multitude ...

13 Jan 2019 | Radical Stroud

The Kings and Kingdoms

The hollow roll of dates chronicling the tired litany of monarchs. Their dusty bones never sleeping gasping their phantom moans to every generation: To keep on fighting for the kingdom. To never forget king and kingdom comes first. You are its...

28 Oct 2018 | Radical Stroud

Captain Swing in Gloucestershire

‘And lo and behold! Here I am!’ It was a perfect autumn day for a bike ride, Mournful golds and russets and crimsons, Sun dappled and splashed as I climbed the wolds, To leave the pastoral valleys behind, And so reach the wide, open, brown-ploughe...

16 Oct 2018 | Radical Stroud

The Burial Chamber

It stands at the end of a street (Bungalows, cars, caravans, camper vans, Children playing in the road and on the driveways), There, behind a gate and beyond the signposts. A six thousand year old burial chamber, One giant stone forty-five degrees...

26 Sep 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

The Moon Over Tolworth

In the mundane modern semi-detached suburbs slippers, gravel, teatime tables GCSE revision the Moon guides me home welcomes me to this season with its golden corona moonflower harvest sky   The Moon ~O~   I speed down the A3 toward Tolworth Tower follow the curve of the road there it is again on the right … Continue reading The Moon Over Tolworth →

16 Sep 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Ancient Droves and the Tolworth Area Plan

“The poetry of earth is never dead: When all the birds are faint with the hot sun, And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run From hedge to hedge, about the new-mown mead; That is the Grasshopper’s.” On the Grasshopper and Cricket, John Keats In the midst of the summer heatwave and haze, we … Continue reading Ancient Droves and the Tolworth Area Plan →

05 Sep 2018 | Radical Stroud

Nevern, near Newport, Pembs

Faith, Time and Tide We wandered windfall pilgrims’ paths, Past hedgerows bright with sloe and crimson haw, Swallows, too, following their autumnal call, While murmurations of starlings, And flocks of melancholy geese, Patterned a darkening estua...

09 Aug 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Walk the Ancient Droves of Tolworth Court Farm, Sunday 12th August

The latest in our series of Tolworth Treasure and the Hogsmill Hum walks is a walk across Tolworth Court Farm Fields, our local nature reserve. We will meet at the white bridge over the Hogsmill / Bonesgate Stream at 11am and take you on a journey through the ancient fields of Tolworth Court Farm, which … Continue reading Walk the Ancient Droves of Tolworth Court Farm, Sunday 12th August →

20 May 2018 | Radical Stroud

Stroud And The Inuit

Stuart We are off on holiday soon so wanted to share the information I was relating this info whilst stewarding at Landsdown gallery on the weekend. I am Canadian living in the UK and while doing the Diploma in stitched textiles at East Berkshir...