16 Sep 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Ancient Droves and the Tolworth Area Plan

“The poetry of earth is never dead: When all the birds are faint with the hot sun, And hide in cooling trees, a voice will run From hedge to hedge, about the new-mown mead; That is the Grasshopper’s.” On the Grasshopper and Cricket, John Keats In the midst of the summer heatwave and haze, we … Continue reading Ancient Droves and the Tolworth Area Plan →

13 Jul 2018 | Landscapism

On Arcadia

Hotfoot from viewing new documentary film Arcadia, some initial thoughts on what seems quite a zeitgeist-y piece of work for those in the landscape/ place bubble.Directed by Paul Wright, the film is constructed from digitised footage in the BFI Na...

17 Apr 2018 | Landscapism

Pagan sampler interlude

New substantive post on the way soon, an archaeology of walking; in the meantime here's a musical interlude, some post-Easter pagan and animist sounds.Trembling Bells - Christ's Entry Into GovanGoat - Let It BurnMandy Morton and Spriguns (Spriguns of T...

04 Jan 2018 | Landscapism

Pathways through long winter days until bright Phoebus shines down again

A quick ramble here through an assemblage of mid-winter cultural highlights. If record shops are a species indicator of a civilised polis (which they surely are), then it was good to have affirmation that the force remains strong in Bristol with the opening of a new Rough Trade store. A first wander around the racks yielded Bright Pheobus, songs by Lal and Mike Waterson, newly re-released on vinyl. Its 'lost folk-rock classic' story is unfurled in sleeve notes by Pete Paphides largely replica...

30 Aug 2017 | LucyFurLeaps

#SourcePark Hastings

A week staying in a tiny cottage in Hastings Old Town took on a new significance for my scooter-obsessed son when we discovered, on our second day here, that a 20 minute walk along the promenade would take us to The Source Park – the world’s largest underground skatepark. The Source building was originally the … Continue reading #SourcePark Hastings →

05 Jan 2017 | Landscapism

New Paths to Helicon Part 1

New Paths to Helicon Part 1, sublime dread from Mogwai juxtaposed with footage from US atom bomb testing in Nevada (via zootelevizor/ YouTube). And if you survive this, then try the My Bloody Valentine remix of Mogwai Fear Satan. Happy N...

11 Mar 2016 | Landscapism

Landscapism dispatch #1

Bloody hell! A PhD takes over your life. Expansive blog posts unrelated to my PhD research are probably going to be few and far between over these three years. So landscapism dispatches will have to be brief; no bad thing. A good number of interes...

27 Oct 2015 | Landscapism

Songs of runaway dreams miles away

Directionless wandering reveals another street of once-red brick terraced houses. Its not raining, exactly; but it has been. This could be Middlesbrough or Rugby or Dumbarton or Edmonton, could be Derby or Barrow or Kilmarnock, Pontypool or Bridgewater...