24 Jan 2018 | From Hill to Sea

Haar Gothic

Haar gothic Graveyard off limits No herald angels sing today ≈≈≈ Dunfermline Abbey 21.12.17 Now playing: Erik Satie (played by Philip Corner) – ‘The Gothic Dances’ from Satie Slowly

29 Nov 2017 | From Hill to Sea

At around 4.00pm, 25.11.17

Not any special tree. Just a tree and tidal sky, ebbing to gelid darkness. The last wave breaking of a November day. One final incandescent breath. A path lit – for the moment. To retreat or proceed? Always the same … Continue reading →

29 Nov 2017 | From Hill to Sea

Another Green World

  Another Green World     Concrete dreams of Catterline (Found Art – after Eardley) .    After the fall Small increments in green   ≈≈≈ Now playing: Eno – ‘In Dark Trees’ from Another Gree...

02 Nov 2017 | From Hill to Sea


  For a moment           hold an          interstice         of the      gloaming    ≈≈≈ Now playing: Eleh – ‘Measuring the Immeasurable’ from Radiant Intervals I.