30 May 2018 | Radical Stroud

Synchronised Global Walking May 12th 2018

It was May the 12th, 2018, Synchronised walking was happening all over the globe Via a shared urban score: ‘Cities tend to start in the middle and spread outwards, thinning as they go… a familiar phenomenology … in the middle of things. But where ...

25 Apr 2018 | Radical Stroud

The Yin And Yang Of Football

It has been said that football is a religion. It is true that for many attending a match can seem like a religious experience. The blind faith that one day your team will reach the promised land (of the Premiership), the sense of belonging, the passion...

08 Apr 2018 | Radical Stroud

The Best Goal I Ever Scored

Alas! George Bowling and George Orwell’s Coming Up For Air: the spot where I scored my best ever goal is now a housing estate. The Best Goal I Ever Scored It must have been 1965, We were having a lunchtime kick-about. ‘It’s Good News Week’ by Hedge...

25 Mar 2018 | Radical Stroud

Inprint Eulogy

The Inprint shop and building in the High Street in Stroud, Resembles nothing so much as something out of Dickens, An Old Curiosity Shop, Defying straight lines of logic: A seeming hexagonal structure, With Wemmick-like turrets at the top; The sh...

21 Mar 2018 | Radical Stroud

Fractal Light Show at St. Laurence’s

They met by a sacred oak tree: The Celtic-British church delegates, And Laurence and Augustine from Rome; A sacred oak near to a great river near here: At Cricklade on the River Thames perhaps, Or Arlingham on the River Severn; The wind soughed t...

26 Feb 2018 | Radical Stroud

Terminalia Festival February 23rd 2018

Well that was a walk, that was, For we explored boundaries, Spatial, temporal, linguistic, social, spiritual, rational, By exploring Jon Seagrave’s Stroud map of the subjective, Of the emotional and the affective, Rather than the conventional topo...

28 Jan 2018 | StoryWeaving

The Old Ones are Calling

The old ones are calling us, way across the oceans of time They have something to tell us Want to help us In our search for a new way of being They are calling us back to see our roots To understand how we came to be here   The old ones are calling us […]

16 Dec 2017 | Radical Stroud

North and South

There, on the one hand, St. Pancras and Paris; And there, on the other, Kings Cross: Gateway to the LNER, And night mails crossing the border, And gateway to a world we have lost: Pit heads and winding gear, tram-roads and collieries, And curling...

03 Sep 2017 | Radical Stroud

Stroud Fringe Walk: Place, Space and Time

Beneath the pavement, the beach! For here we have a line of houses called Streamside, And up there, beyond the Fountain pub, Lies Springfield Road and a plethora Of constant, subterranean springs, Springs! The genius loci of Stroud … We walked down La...