22 Jun 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Reframing Kew Bluebells

Kew Bluebells on a May bank holiday Impressions: Magical purple carpet, bluebells, woodland, lush green Question: Close up the blue bells are delicate and intricate, far away they blur into a purple carpet.  What are you focusing on and how does refram...

15 May 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Walking in Richard Jefferies’ Footsteps, Monday May 7th 2018

  Outside Richard Jefferies’ House, Ewell Road “Jefferies left school at fifteen and at first continued his habits of solitary wanderings about the local countryside. He dressed carelessly and allowed his hair to grow down to his collar. This, with his “bent form and long, rapid stride made him an object of wonder in the … Continue reading Walking in Richard Jefferies’ Footsteps, Monday May 7th 2018 →

19 Apr 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Calm And Busy At Roehampton Campus

Roehampton University campus early on an April week day morning Impressions: Blossom, daffodils, dandelions, busy swans and geese on the lake, warmth, mild sunshine, campus construction work, sense of calm busyness. Question: With unlimited time and fu...

17 Apr 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Tree Bathing on Barnes Common

Barnes Common early on a warm, April week day morning Impressions: Warm, chatty birds, thick, wet mud, thick, dry mud, shoots, greening leaves, insects buzzing, tree bathing. Question: What effect does tree bathing have on you? Find out more about Wa...

15 Apr 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Tranquility on the Barbican High Walks

Barbican high walks on an April week day lunchtime Impressions: Waving daffodils, bright light, blue white skies, concrete, rectangles, rectangular towers, windows, concrete blocks, glass panes and tiles.  Lost above the city, tranquility above the tra...

07 Apr 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Blossom at Kew

Kew Gardens on an April Easter afternoon Impressions: Muddy, sludgy ground, puddles, threat of rain, white cloud, confetti petals, magnolia, hopping robin, pink and white blossom. Question: What marks spring for you? Find out more about Walk Coach...

23 Mar 2018 | Walk Coach Learn

Noble Deeds in the Red Cross Garden

Red Cross Garden on a February week day afternoon Impressions: Early Spring flowers, damp, puddles, reflections, special quiet space, driven by social good. Question: What noble deeds have you done? Find out more about Walk Coach Learn events and ...

13 Mar 2018 | Walking Off the Big Apple

New York Spring Calendar 2018

Let's spring forward to blooming times in New York City, the best locations for witnessing spring's beginnings, and springtime events. While the occasional snow could blow through the city, we're just weeks now from callery pears in bloom and opening d...

05 Mar 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

The Memory Tree and a Sunday Stroll to the Moated Manor

The Tolworth Memory Tree has taken root at the Court Farm Cafe – Alison Fure has created a tree, and it even has mistletoe! The tree is starting to bloom and sprout memories of Tolworth. We would like it to blossom with as many memories from as many people as possible. The tree will still … Continue reading The Memory Tree and a Sunday Stroll to the Moated Manor →