25 May 2019 | Richard White

(dis)enchantments and perambulations….

(dis)enchantments and perambulations: walking arts and reluctant heritageTwo walks and two events forming a ‘public’ viva for my creative-practice-as-research PhD submission exploring walking/multimedia arts and reluctant heritage. The walks retrace routes from two projects, Sweet Waters and Honouring Esther forming … Continue reading →

14 Mar 2019 | Walk Coach Learn

Walking to reflect on failure

We need to fail in order to learn.  Failure is part of trying new things and moving forward.  But how comfortable do we feel talking about and sharing our failures? We (Professor Susannah Quinsee and I) made this the theme of our SEDA conference walk in November: Walking as a tool for reflective practice.  Delegates … Walking to reflect on failureRead More »

19 Sep 2018 | base80

50km “as the crow flies” vs. as I walk

I want to walk a distance of 50 km. So I started to draw a circle on the map with a 50km radius. At first I just imagined walking to an attractive place, so I plotted the walk using a walking nav app. Immediately I realized there was quite a gap betwee...

14 Feb 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Walk the Hogsmill (Meeting the Tree)

It was about as wet a day as it is possible to have in January, without it snowing. Persistent, doggedly determined precipitation meant that, understandably, many people who had been in touch to say they would be joining the walk, cancelled when they saw the weather that morning. But twelve intrepid adventurers gathered at the … Continue reading Walk the Hogsmill (Meeting the Tree) →

05 Jan 2018 | LucyFurLeaps

Tolworth Treasure & The Hogsmill Hum

FREE Walks and Workshops for 2018 with Alison Fure and Lucy Furlong Walk the Hogsmill River and explore the green fields of Tolworth. Experience the wildlife, learn about the environment, discover the hidden heritage. Please ‘like’ and follow the facebook page www.facebook.com/tolworthtreasure for more information and updates about events WALK THE HOGSMILL First walk of … Continue reading Tolworth Treasure & The Hogsmill Hum →

25 Oct 2017 | Walk Coach Learn

Self-Boss Networking Walk

We are a group of self-bosses, winding our way through the blustery Olympic Park connecting and sharing with each other. We all work for ourselves, usually on our own, and enjoy walking and talking.  Beyond that we are a diverse group working within a range of businesses and sectors interested in supporting each other, learning, discovering, […]

23 Jun 2017 | walk time place sound

4 Midsummer’s Eve Rants

Building on the slowly growing series of Cageian pieces I have just completed a set 4 walks based on the Island of Alnham.  This mythical island in mid Northumberland is based around a 13th century church and contains a peel … Continue reading →

06 Mar 2017 | walk time place sound

Northumbrian Rants: Rant 4

Rant 4 Step 1 A relatively early start (on February 5th) so that I am at the first site shortly after sunup.  A large field of winter wheat and still, cold air.  It doesn’t seem to be overlooked by any … Continue reading →

13 Feb 2017 | walk time place sound

Northumbrian Rants: Rant 2

In general this (Friday 27th January) was a cold, still day.  On step 2 the temperature rose to 5C but the rest of the time it was 1C.  I still have the first recording of the day challenge of sorting … Continue reading →

02 Feb 2017 | The Tour of All Tours

The Wood Green Revisited Tour

Today's tour was of the stalwart North London neighbourhood Wood Green in the affable company of Hugh Chapman. I say stalwart because Wood Green is one of those areas that has the character of always being there but never being too obtrusive,...

07 Aug 2016 | Richard White

Bath: the plaqued and the unplaqued

Beagles in the basement, stopped and searched on Bath’s Royal Crescent, an elopement, plaques, parties and hollow pillars. A disenchanted walk across the city, rattling railings. Setting off from the gallery where the red glow room call to our humanity … Continue reading →

28 Mar 2016 | Forced Walks

Work in progress and exhibition dates

Work in progress briefing to members of the Bristol Hannover Association. Open Meeting Thursday April 7 19.30 Rm C117 Commons Bath Spa University. Newton Park Campus A chance to meet the artists and review the walk in Germany, discuss resonances … Continue reading →

14 Feb 2016 | Forced Walks

Maps and tanks…more layers

Walking into the Commons building at Bath Spa University I was stunned to see the map still showing in satellite view on the MediaWall. It was showing the last day of the walk, live as we had left it. My … Continue reading →